Welcome to PhoneClean Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to use PhoneClean to clean up junk files, sensitive and private data as well as other useless files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you still have questions after reading this guide, then please feel free to contact our support team, and you are guaranteed with 7/24 customer support.

Part 1: Getting Started

Overview and Basic Preference Settings

First look at the PhoneClean 3 welcome interface and check the preference settings that may facilitate your routine use.

Part 2: Remove Junk Files with Quick Clean

How to Use Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a classic feature introduced by PhoneClean. It helps you quickly and safely find a variety of junk files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What Types of Junk File Will PhoneClean Remove

Check all kinds of junk files that PhoneClean will help you remove from your devices.

How to Prevent PhoneClean from Scanning & Cleaning Particular Apps

PhoneClean gives you an option to choose which apps you want to keep untouched during the scanning and cleaning.

Part 3: Clear Private Data with Deep Clean

How to Use Deep Clean

Through examining iOS system in depth, PhoneClean will find and remove all your sensitive and private data that may risk your privacy.

What Types of Private Data Will PhoneClean Remove

Check what types of private data will PhoneClean remove from your devices.

How To Prevent PhoneClean from Cleaning Specific Call Log

Check how to keep particular call log before cleaning.

How To Prevent PhoneClean from Cleaning Specific Messages

Not all messages are useless. So PhoneClean allows you to keep specific messages before cleaning.

Part 4: Versatile iOS Tuning Kit in Toolbox

How to Remove Duplicated Contacts

The option to merge two listings for the same contact on iPhone may be like an intricate trick. But now PhoneClean makes it as easy as 1-2-3 routine stuff.

How to Clean Notes / Calendar

Sick of deleting iPhone notes or Calendar reminders one by one? Now you can submit your iPhone to PhoneClean and let it clean up all your notes at once.

How to Clean / Fix Corrupt Media Files

The failed or unexpectedly terminated iTunes syncs will generate temporary or corrupt media files too. Read on to see how to clean up or fix corrupt media files with PhoneClean.

How to Optimize Jailbroken Devices

For jailbroken devices, PhoneClean offers two optimizing and cleaning solutions: System Clean and App Shrink. Read on to find out how to boost up your jailbroken idevices.

Part 5: Restore and Other Useful Tips

How to Restore an iPhone with PhoneClean

PhoneClean creates backups prior to any cleaning action, so that even you mistakenly deleted some important personal data, you can still get them back by restoring your device to a previous backup point.

How to Turn Off iCloud Connection

If your Contacts, Calendars, Notes are associated with iCloud, then PhoneClean won't be able to clear these data for you. Follow this guide to get it done.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

Before using Deep Clean or Retore feature in PhoneClean, please turn off find my iPhone / iPad / iPod touch on your device first.

How to Use PhoneClean without iTunes

If you are not using iTunes, and have no plan to install iTunes on your computer, then please follow this tutorial to use PhoneClean without installing iTunes.


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