AI Voice Effects with Vozard Voice Changer

Vozard AI voice effects provide a better and more realistic voice-changing quality. Whether you want to change your voice to a movie character, a classic cartoon voice, or a singer with a beautiful voice, Vozard has you covered. See what voice you can sound like with Vozard voice changer and start changing!

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

How to Change Your Voice with Vozard Real Time Voice Changer


Choose the real-time voice-changing mode.


Set up the microphone and speaker.


Select the AI voice effect you want.


Speak now and change your voice.

Where to Use AI Voice Changers

AI voice changers transform how we communicate and entertain, offering versatility from anonymous chats to creative content. They are perfect for enhancing online interactions, gaming, and content creation, making digital experiences more engaging and personalized.

Vozard's Innovations in AI Voice Effects

Vozard leads in AI voice technology, offering a wide range of realistic voice changes, from deep tones to cartoonish pitches, cater to all needs. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate and choose AI voices for quick voice change. As an AI voice changer, Vozard promised a high-quality output, for you to apply realistic voice effects for professional use.

The Science Behind AI Voice Changing

At the heart of AI voice changers lies the principle of voice synthesis and modulation. This technology works by analyzing the user's voice input through AI algorithms, which then modify the sound waves to produce a different voice output. The process involves pitch adjustment, modulation, and the addition of effects to create a wide range of voice types.

Games, Video, Voiceover, One Vozard AI Voice Changer for All

Various Voice Effects

Vozard's AI voice effects providing you with wide range of choices and high-quality voice-changing results. Unleash your talent and creativity with Vozard now!

Flexible Voice Change Methods

Real-time voice change spice up your online chatting or gaming experience. But you can also upload or record a vocal audio to generate a new voice.

Seamless and Easy Opeation

The magic of Vozard happens in seconds. You don't need pages of user manual to learn how to cast a spell. Vozard voice changer offers an intuitive interface that gets you voice-changing in seconds.

Compatible and Competitive

Ready to get used to your new voice? Vozard real-time voice changer works well with platforms like Discord, Zoom, Fortnite, Twitch, or streaming tools like OBS, allowing you to play different roles.

Ready to Try Vozard AI Voice? Don't Hurry

You might be ready to try AI voices, but what about your computer?

Vozard's AI voice effects require more CPU power than the VST voice effects do, so we recommend using AI voice-changing on a more powerful computer with a better configuration.

Vozard performs the best with computer that apply with NVIDIA 10xx

series or higher graphics cards such as GTX 1050.

AMD and Intel graphics cards are temporarily not supported.

IIf you want to test your computer's performance, Vozard can also help. You can run both Vozard's AI voice changing and your favorite games at the same time to check for any potential issues.

Get ready, get fun! Enjoy Vozard AI voice changer now!

Step into a magical world of voices with Vozard's 180+ lifelike sound effects. Elevate your online chats, gaming, and live streaming with endless fun from now on.

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