Dark Sky App Alternative on Android

You have probably heard the news that Apple acquires Dark Sky. If you use the app on your Android device, you will no longer be able to do it as it is going to be shut down. This post lists some of the Dark Sky alternatives for Android.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 07, 2020

There are a number of apps available for Android devices to help you keep track of weather right on your smartphone. Dark Sky was one of these apps, and it actually stood out of the crowd, thanks to all the great and distinctive features it offered.

One of the many good things about the app was how it displayed the weather information. It was laid out on a beautiful interface with some really good looking wallpapers. It was everyone’s favorite app for weather information and you may have likely used it on your device.

Part 1. News about Dark Sky App

There have been some disappointing news for the Dark Sky app users on Android devices. Apple has acquired the weather app Dark Sky and they have advised they would no longer be supporting the Android version. It means going forward you will not be able to download or install the app on your Android-based devices.

Dark Sky going away from Android

Dark Sky going away from Android

The app made its way to Android about four years ago and it garnered some great popularity over these years. People went crazy to get this beautiful weather app on their devices and it had millions of downloads on the Google Play Store.

The news came recently and Apple made the move to bring this amazing weather app to their iOS-based devices. They have discarded the Android and Wear OS versions of the app meaning you can no longer download the app on your Android phone or tablet. If you were a previous subscriber of the app, your subscription will only last a few more months and you will be refunded the remaining money.

Part 2. Dark Sky Alternative on Android

Now that the app is going away from Android, you will want to install something that is a Dark Sky replacement. When it comes to weather apps for Android, there are dozens of apps to choose from. And what’s more, many of these apps actually have similar features that you had with Dark Sky.

The following are five of the best Dark Sky alternatives for your Android-based devices.

App 1. The Weather Channel – a helpful weekend planer

The Weather Channel app has long been on people’s phones giving them alerts and information about the weather of their favorite cities. While you may not get as sleek and intuitive user-interface as you do on the Dark Sky app, this app definitely gives you all the weather details you would ever want to know about a city or town.

The Weather Channel weather app

The Weather Channel weather app

The app lets you view weather predictions for the next 15 days so you are basically covered if you are planning to go out somewhere during this time period. It also shows the air pollution index so you can find out if the air you are breathing is actually healthy to breathe in.

Other features include your local forecast and temperatures and a few other things that you basically get from any other weather app.

App 2. Carrot Weather – an interesting app

Carrot Weather is an interesting weather app that not only gives you weather information but lays it out on a really beautiful user-interface. Soon as you install the app on your device, you find that you have a colorful app to view the weather details you want, and it has an embeddable widget as well for you to place on your home-screens.

Carrot Weather - an interesting app

Carrot Weather – an interesting app

The app ensures you get accurate and detailed information about the weather. It follows a minimalist style which means although you get all the information you need, there is no clutter or scattered items on your screen. It has a customizable widget that you can configure according to your own taste and then place it wherever you want on your phone.

App 3. Windy – trusted weather app

If you are looking for a trusted source of weather information and you will be using it for commercial purposes, then Windy could be the app you are looking for. It claims people from government agencies, surfers, skydivers, and from such other industries use it to get accurate and trusted weather information.

Windy - trusted weather app

Windy – trusted weather app

For a normal user like you and me, it can also be a great weather information app as it combines some of the most used features as well. It has over 40 weather maps, multiple forecast models, and points of interest.

In case you do not like the default interface that you see when you launch the app, you can easily customize it using various options in the app. It is fully customizable meaning everything you see on your screen can be changed to something of your liking.

App 4. Overdrop – highly detailed weather app

Overdrop has been mentioned in several best apps articles across the Internet, and it indeed looks like a great weather app. It comes with several themes to choose from, provides weather data from multiple sources, and has custom alerts you can get notified of unusual weather changes.

Overdrop - beautiful and highly detailed weather app

Overdrop – beautiful and highly detailed weather app

It provides real-time weather data that you can rely on. It is very detailed so you get to know the exact things you may be looking for. The notifications can be customized according to how you want to receive them. Unlike other apps, it comes with three widgets that you can place on your home-screens.

These widgets include time, weather, and battery, and you can have them added to anywhere you want on your phone.

App 5. Weawow – a sibling of Dark Sky

Weawow is very close to Dark Sky in terms of appearance, and if you liked the beauty of the former app, then you are simply going to love this app on your phone. It has custom photos that are displayed according to the weather conditions. What that means is if it is going to rain in your area, then you are going to see a photo of rain behind the app’s user-interface.

Weawow - a sibling of Dark Sky

Weawow – a sibling of Dark Sky

Also, it comes with no advertisements which means there are no bugging and annoying pop-ups to come up on your screen every now and then. It provides users with accurate and detailed weather information, supports the entire world, is available in multiple languages, and offers bookmarks to save your favorite locations.

The Bottom Line

With Apple acquiring the Dark Sky app, you will probably be looking for Dark Sky alternatives for your Android device. There are a ton of choices available in the market and our listicle above has handpicked some of the best ones you can use on your devices.

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