Arrange Your iPhone Apps in A Pleasant Way

Wanna go back to the old days when you can arrange your iPhone apps freely and pleasantly on the big screen of computer? AnyTrans fulfills your dream, as the only substitute solution since iTunes shut you out. Now you can rearrange your home screens, organize apps into folders, clean up damaged icons - all from computer. Managing iPhone apps has become a breeze again.

Get Your Apps Organized with Simple Drag & Drop

Trying to organize apps on iPhone’s small screen is a pain, but it’s fairly easy and handy from computer. Simply drag and drop the apps with your mouse to arrange them in a way you like – no matter you want to re-organize the layout of each screen or put apps into folders. You can also batch move multiple apps at once without a hassle.

App Arrangement Has Got A Lot Smarter

Not just easy, AnyTrans takes one step further to make app arrangement even smarter. You don’t have to move the apps on your own. Just click one button, and your apps will be grouped into folders by category or color, automatically. Better still, you can make specific settings according to your demands, and AnyTrans will organize apps as you like.

Go Back to Your Favorite Layout in One Click

With AnyTrans, you can back up various app layouts you’ve ever arranged for your iPhone home screen. So whenever you want to change back to your favorite one or most accustomed one, it’s just one quick click away. No need to manually organize them again.

Clean Up Ghost App Icons Right Away

Have got some annoying "ghost" app icons on your iPhone that you can’t either open them or delete them? AnyTrans can find them all and clean up these nasties for you, all in one tap. Don’t let them bother you again.

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