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iOS MoverStart Your iPhone Life Immediately with Ultra Ease

Now that you've made the smart decision to move from Android to iOS ecosystem, AnyTrans helps you start your iPhone life smoothly. Surpassing the Move to iOS app in workflow and final results, it makes the switch much easier, faster, safer, and more capable. Even if you have no prior knowledge of data transfer, you can still migrate important data from your Android phone to iPhone effortlessly and securely in minutes.

All your memories and essentials from the old Android phone will be well organized in iPhone. Photos you shot, music and videos you enjoyed, contacts of importance, messages you want to keep, even your custom ringtones – just everything you need for everyday use. Now, you can get started with a wonderful life on iPhone easily and immediately.

Media DownloaderEnjoy Millions of Online Movies & Music on The Go

With the best display in the smartphone industry and immersive stereo speakers, iPhone and iPad give you the cinema-standard experience of watching movies. And, now AnyTrans lets you freely enjoy millions of online videos from 900+ sites with your personal cinema whenever and wherever you want, even on the go.

For the first time, your favorite online videos, as well as music, can be batch downloaded directly into iPhone, iPad, and iPod, with auto conversion to an iOS compatible format for perfect playback. To ensure the best viewing experience, AnyTrans would intelligently pick out the optimal resolution of each video for you, certainly, with no pre-roll ads.

Air BackupKeep Your Essential Data Safe with Automatic and Wireless Backup

An up-to-date backup is a must have for every iOS user. It's your only chance to get back important data in case your iPhone/iPad gets lost or damaged. However, backing up data regularly is not that easy – yes, we know. That's where AnyTrans comes. It takes over the painful yet vital backup job and keeps your critical iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch data safe.

Now, you don't need to do anything, not even take your iPhone out of pocket. AnyTrans will back up all your essential data automatically, wirelessly, and securely. Photos, messages, contacts, apps, even imported images, videos and audio files, which are not backed up by iTunes or iCloud. You just decide how frequently you want to create a backup – daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you prefer. AnyTrans will intelligently and securely get all the left jobs done as scheduled, ensuring you always get the up-to-date backups.

iCloud ManagerMake Better Use of Your iCloud Easily and Securely

As the innate partner of iOS devices, iCloud stores your important data and files. Now with AnyTrans, you can easily manage and better use your iCloud content. All your wanted iCloud photos can be backed up to any hard disk as you wish. Contacts and messages will get safely exported to your computer in the most practical formats. You can even integrate data from multiple iCloud accounts to your daily used one for quicker access. It's never been so easy and pleasant to manage your iCloud.

Not just pleasant, it's secure as well. Taking your privacy as the first concern, AnyTrans promises you the absolute security of your iCloud account and all content inside. Every iCloud login within AnyTrans is protected with the same encryption used by Apple, and we have no way to decrypt it. Your privacy always stays 100% private.

Be The Real Master of Your Music Collections

You have different music collections scattered on iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer. AnyTrans builds a bridge among them, so you can freely enjoy any music on any device of yours.

Add music to iPhone or iPod, and keep yourself amused during a train ride; set favorite melody as your ringtone; enjoy your playlists of an old iPhone on new iPhone; or even rebuild a crashed iTunes Library with songs from iPod. No risk of overwriting existing tracks on your devices, and no limitation of what and where to transfer. Your music and playlists will always go with you.

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Take Good Care of Your iPhone Photos & Videos

iPhone gives you the most amazing camera in the world to record your life highlights with photos and 4K videos. AnyTrans keeps all these best moments safe and sound.

It lets you export iPhone photos and videos to computer for backup – even auto convert HEIC images to JPGs that are better compatible with a wide variety of platforms and image editors. Also, if you want to transfer them to iPad with bigger screen for better viewing, it's ultra easy with just one tap. What about transferring photos from computer to iPhone? It's never been so convenient. All your photos, selfies, bursts, panoramas, videos and albums are in your control.

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Give All Your Personal Data A Safe Boat

As your iPhone keeps all your essential personal data for daily life and work, AnyTrans creates a safe boat for them, and makes sure you will never get into troubles.

You can back up contacts and messages to computer, or move them directly to another iPhone if you want; sync important calendars and notes to new iPhone or iPad, so you'll never miss your schedule; save your Safari bookmarks to desktop, and seamlessly browse your favorite sites later on computer; and much more. With AnyTrans, your personal info will always be safe, organized, and instantly available.

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Turn Your Stunning New iPhone into Your Familiar Look

Have bought a new iPhone? Warm it up with everything you need from the old one – or even from your iPad. AnyTrans gives you multiple data migration options to meet your various demands. You can 1-click copy whole content along with custom settings, like ringtones and wallpapers, from old iPhone to new one. Or flexibly select your wanted data only. You're also able to merge content from several iOS devices to new iPhone, with duplicates skipped automatically. It's time to customize a brand-new iPhone in your own style.

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Extract Only What You Need from iTunes/iCloud Backups

iTunes and iCloud backups store all of your iPhone stuff. Once your iPhone gets lost, they will be the most reliable – even only available – way to retrieve your important data. Now, AnyTrans gives you a better and clearer way to explore and manage them. You can peek into every iTunes/iCloud backup, preview every piece of data, select and extract photos, messages, contacts or anything that you wish to get back.

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Enjoy A Simpler yet Stronger iTunes Sync

iTunes works decently to sync iPhone content, and AnyTrans makes the whole process much easier, safer and literally full-way. Now, no worries of losing current iPhone data after iTunes sync, since transfer will be done without erasing anything. With full-way transfer, you can also move music from iOS devices back to iTunes Library. Everything about iTunes has got much simpler yet stronger than ever before.

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AnyTrans breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud content in one place, ensuring you'll spend less time managing them but more time enjoying your digital life to the fullest.

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