OneDrive Review – Complete Guide in 2018

In our OneDrive review we’ll be covering everything you need to know about OneDrive, including the storage, privacy, and features of the cloud storage, as well as the best method for managing multiple cloud drives.

By iMobie | Posted: Aug. 24, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 24, 2018
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In recent years, the number of cloud storage options on the market has exploded, giving users a large number of options for where and how they store their data online. While having plenty of options is great, it can make finding the best drive for your personal or work requirements a lot more difficult.

For a helping hand choosing the right cloud drive for you, we’re going to be taking a look at the best features of OneDrive in our information-packed OneDrive review, and exploring a great option for easier drive management. If you’re struggling to find the right cloud storage, then read on to learn more about OneDrive.

OneDrive Review – What Can OneDrive Do for You

OneDrive has already celebrated its ten-year anniversary, having launched way back in 2007. The cloud storage is owned by Microsoft, and users enjoy great integration with the many Microsoft services.

To start our OneDrive review, we’re going to take a look at the options for storage and price.

OneDrive Cloud Review: Storage and Price

OneDrive offers separate storage options for personal use and business use, giving users plenty of flexibility when choosing their perfect plan.

The OneDrive Basic plan is the free option, with 5 GB of free storage. There is one further storage only plan offering 50 GB of storage for £1.99 a month, and two premium plans offering 1 TB and 5 TB of storage for £5.99 and £7.99 a month, respectively. The premium plans can be purchased on a yearly basis for less and come with many advanced features.

There are three business plans available: 1 TB is available for £37.20 a year, unlimited storage is available for £74.40 a year, and 1 TB with advanced features on the premium plan is available for £93.60 a year or £9.40 per month.

OneDrive Cloud Review: Privacy and Safety

Microsoft has implemented a number of security features to keep the files stored by their OneDrive users safe. These security features, include:

· Two-part verification to sign into OneDrive

· Advanced protection features when OneDrive users have Office 365, including:

· Ransomware alerts

· Email attachment scans

· Encrypted messages

· Link checking protocols

· Option to add security information to an existing Microsoft account

· Encrypted files when in transit

OneDrive Cloud Review: Main Features of OneDrive

OneDrive had introduced a large collection of features to make using their drive service easier and less limited. These are some of the top features that OneDrive offer:

· File recovery

· User-friendly interface design

· Real-time file editing

· Integration with Outlook

· Online customer support

· Multiple admin controls, including restrictions

· Sync app for desktop

· Multi-device file editing and support

· Multiple options for file sharing

· Access to files whilst offline

OneDrive Cloud Review: Shortcomings

While our OneDrive review has been largely positive up until now, OneDrive does have some shortcomings that it’s important to note. Here are some of the main downsides to using OneDrive:

· Security is not as comprehensive as many alternative cloud storage options

· Errors or problems can be common during syncing

· Document size support is limited

· Access offline isn’t extensive

· Few supported third-party apps

Now you’ve had an insight into OneDrive in our OneDrive review, it’s time to take a look at the best way to manage your drives online. If you struggle to keep track of your files, folders, and drive accounts, this section of our OneDrive cloud review is for you!

How to Manage Multiple Cloud Drives in One Place

If you use more than one cloud drive or multiple accounts on a single cloud drive, then you’ll already know what a hassle it can be to keep everything organized. Thankfully, with the introduction of AnyTrans for Cloud, the days of being disorganized are long gone.

AnyTrans for Cloud is an expert management tool that allows you to manage your drive accounts and separate drives from a single, user-friendly location. Some of the main benefits of AnyTrans:

Through AnyTrans, you can manage OneDrive and other drives with absolute ease, even if you’ve never used the service before. Here’s our three-step process for how to manage OneDrive on AnyTrans:

Step 1: Sign Up to AnyTrans

Signing up for AnyTrans will only take a few minutes and the whole process is very simple. Just follow this link to the AnyTrans page, where you can sign in with Google, Twitter, Facebook, or email and download the app.

If you already have AnyTrans, then all you need to do is sign into your account.

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans - Step 1

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans – Step 1

Step 2: Connect OneDrive

To start managing your OneDrive accounts with ease, you need to connect OneDrive to your AnyTrans account. You can do this by clicking the ‘+’ symbol on your account page and then choosing the ‘Connect’ option under the OneDrive logo. Simply sign into your account and agree to the connection.

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans - Step 2

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans – Step 2

Step 3: Explore the Features

Now your OneDrive account is connected, you can explore all the features available. Select the OneDrive logo in the top left of your screen to gain access to your OneDrive storage. In the top right of the screen, you’ll have plenty of options to explore to create new folders, upload files to your drive, and sync your OneDrive files with other drives!

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans - Step 3

How to Manage OneDrive on AnyTrans – Step 3

The Bottom Line

The selection of OneDrive features that our OneDrive review has covered demonstrates what an effective option OneDrive can be for personal and business storage. Combined with AnyTrans for Cloud, where you can better manage your drives, OneDrive can be a top option for secure data storage. Just sign up this free tool to manage your multiple cloud drive in an easy way >


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