How to Fix: Dropbox Not Connecting Problem

Many Dropbox users report on Internet that sometimes when they use Dropbox, there is an error message saying “No internet connection”. But they did nothing to the computer, the message just showed up for no reason. How to solve this “Dropbox not connecting” problem? When you finish this article, you can find the exact solution.

By Tom Boyer | Posted on: Jul. 24, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 18, 2019

Out of nowhere, Dropbox taskbar icon is stuck on “connecting”. Can’t sign in, just gray and hanging on that. I have uninstalled, reinstalled several times and nothing. Nothing in my PC has changed, (not by my hand) no new software, nothing, just all of a sudden this problem.

This is a description from a Dropbox user. I’m sure many of you may encounter the same problem when access to Dropbox. When you tried to uninstall & reinstall, or download the latest version only to find that nothing has changed. Then, maybe you can keep reading to find some other solutions to solve the “Dropbox not connecting” problem.

Dropbox connecting problems usually mean there is a firewall, proxy, antivirus or other security program that blocks the Dropbox client from connecting to the Internet. The incorrect system time could also prevent Dropbox from getting a connection to the Internet.

Therefore, when you come up against this “Dropbox not connecting” problem, check out if your system is correct, or is there a proxy or firewall blocking the Dropbox. In the following tutorial, we will show you the details of how to fix Dropbox not connecting problem. Please follow the troubleshooting steps to get an answer.

Solution 1. Correct your computer system date

All connection to the Dropbox service are done using a secure connection (SSL). Your computer will compare your system date to the expiration date of Dropbox’s SSL certificate. So, if you have a wrong system date, a secure connection can’t be established.

Solution 2. Disable your Firewall

Firewall will block some unknown or unauthorized internet service. You can just disable it for some minutes until you finish the installation of Dropbox.

Step 1Go to Search > Type firewall > Open “Windows Defender Firewall”.

Step 2Choose “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”.

Step 3Scroll down and find Dropbox > Check both Private and Public.

Disable Your Firewall

Disable Your Firewall

Solution 3. Turn off or Uninstall Your Antivirus for a Moment

Antivirus will protect your computer from being infected by some unknown program. So you can try to turn off or uninstall your antivirus for a moment before you use Dropbox.

Solution 4. Use Dropbox to Disable the Proxy Settings

Some external software program will change your computer’s default proxy settings and make your program go wrong. So you can disable the proxy settings and confirm that you change the settings from auto-detect to no proxy. Here is how to disable the proxy settings using Dropbox Preference menu:

Click the menu bar in Dropbox > Select Preference > Click the Network tab > Change Auto-Detect to No Proxy.

The Bottom Line

As it mentioned above, there are 4 solutions to solving Dropbox not connecting problem. Hope these methods can successfully solve your problem.

Tom Boyer

A writer for iMobie, has been covering iOS, Mac and Android related How-to Articles / Apps Reviews for 3+ years. Like sharing something about data recovering knowledge and apps.

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