What to Do If Forgot Dropbox Password

Forgot your DropBox password and have no idea what to do? Don’t panic, you can follow this post to reset forgotten Dropbox password.

By iMobie | Posted: Jul. 31, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 31, 2018
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Forgetting your password, when trying to access the DropBox is quite common, and that is why it is advisable to keep the password short, so that you can remember it instantly. You may want to set your computer to remember your DropBox login details automatically, hence you don’t have to type in your password and username all the time.

There are two ways you should consider when looking for how to fix forgot DropBox password; you can either reset the password, or change it from DropBox. If you make the mistake of not writing your password somewhere when you open the DropBox app, you have to make sure you don’t skip that step once you have been able to recover your password through the process described below.

What to Do If Forgot Dropbox Password

1. Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox Application

If you forgot Dropbox password, you can follow these simple steps to reset the app from the Dropbox app downloaded on your smartphone or computer.

Step 1 Try to sign into Dropbox app with your username and password, and if the password does not work, a prompt or error will show up.

Step 2 Click on “I can’t recover my account using this page”.

Step 3 Click on “Yes”.

Step 4 Tap on “send notifications”. Doing this will ensure that all your devices and third-party apps such as emails, that are linked to Dropbox will receive notifications.

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App - Step 4

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App – Step 4

Step 5 Once you receive the notification on a device such as your iPhone, or iPad, simply click on “details”. If you are resetting your password from a web browser on your phone, simply click on “continue”, then click on “yes” if you are resetting the password from the Dropbox app on the phone.

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App - Step 5

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App – Step 5

Step 6 Enter the new password again, and then click on “submit”.

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App - Step 6

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App – Step 6

Step 7 Check your email in order to locate the password reset link sent to you by Dropbox.

Step 8 Click on “reset password”, then enter your new password.

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App - Step 8

Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox App – Step 8

Step 9 Click on “submit”.

The Dropbox login details will automatically save your new password and you can start using it to log in immediately. Make sure you review the devices connected to your Dropbox login to ensure that someone else does not get access to the contents you transfer from your phone or computer, into the Dropbox.

2. Reset Dropbox Password with Dropbox Online

You can reset or change your Dropbox password even if you don’t have the Dropbox app on your smartphone. For instance, You can reset the password by typing DropBox.com in your web browser, and then click on the “sign in” and if the password you enter is still not working, then simply click on “forgot password”, and you will be asked to provide the email you used in registering for Dropbox. The link to reset your password will be sent to the email and you can click on the link to follow the easy steps of resetting the password.

The Bottom Line

You need to be aware that Dropbox may disallow too frequent change of passwords, and if you keep changing passwords all the time, then your account may be suspended temporarily, and for this reason, you need to update the number of devices linked to your Dropbox profile. You need to ensure that you write down your new password and email somewhere you can easily retrieve it, alternatively, you can make use of a password that can be easily remembered, for instance, the password may contain your date of birth.


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