How to Back Up Files to Dropbox Automatically

If you want to back up your files to Dropbox automatically and have no idea how to make it, don’t worry, we will provide you with the specific steps to back up files automatically.

By iMobie | Posted: Jul. 19, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 19, 2018
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Dropbox provides you with a great convenience to manage your data. You may choose to back up files to Dropbox at a regular time. But it’s really time-consuming to upload all your files manually. At that time, you may wonder can I back up files to Dropbox automatically?

Yes, you can. But it only works for the photos and videos on the phone. And Dropbox can’t be used to back up your computer data for it’s not a professional backup tool but a cloud drive with some backup-like functionality. Therefore, you have to back up files from computer to Dropbox manually.

In the follow-up article, we will introduce you the specific steps to automatically back up photos and videos from Android & iOS phone to Dropbox.

Back Up Files from Android & iOS Device to Dropbox Automatically

Part 1. Back Up Files from Android to Dropbox Automatically

Step 1 Open Dropbox App on your phone and tap three lines at the top left of the screen. Then, a pane will slide out from the left edge, tap the gear icon to enter the settings.

Step 2 When you access the settings, scroll down to “Camera Uploads” and there are four options, you need to check the camera uploads is ON. Thus, photos and videos will automatically be uploaded when you take a photo.

Part 2. Back Up Files from iOS Device to Dropbox Automatically

Step 1 The process is familiar with Android phones. Go to open your Dropbox App on iDevice and find the gear icon in the upper-left corner of the app.

Step 2 Tap on “Camera Uploads” to access the settings and turn on your Camera Uploads and Uploads Videos. Thus, Dropbox will automatically upload your photos and videos.

Back up Files from iOS Device to Dropbox Automatically

Regardless of whether you use Android or iOS device, your photos and videos will be uploaded and saved to your “Camera Uploads” folder.

Bonus Tip: Manage Your Files with Dropbox Alternative

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Manage Your Files with Dropbox Alternative

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to back up files to Dropbox automatically. As you see, you can not back up files from computer to Dropbox automatically. But don’t worry, you can try using the AnyTrans for Cloud to help you manage files with ease. Just download it to have a try.


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