How to Fix OneDrive Not Working on Mac & Windows

Annoyed about the bad situation of your OneDrive not working on your computer and searching for quick fixes? In this post, we find out the possible reasons cause OneDrive stop working and offer some possible solutions to this problem so that you can sync files & folders again.

By iMobie | Posted: Jul. 31, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 31, 2018
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OneDrive is one of the most efficient cloud storage in Windows 10 and Mac devices, however, many users of this cloud storage system are reporting OneDrive not working on their Windows or Mac. It always happens when you’re trying to sync files between OneDrive and your computer. It brings you a lot of inconveniences when it stops working normally, you can’t do anything with the files in OneDrive.

If you stuck in this dilemma and desperately looking for a solution, then keep reading, the follow-up text will explain why OneDrive not working comes up, and share you some useful fixes to help you out.

Why OneDrive Is Not Working

OneDrive not working issue is constantly showing up is that you are trying upload or download files, and it may be caused by various different reasons:

1. The files you want to transfer is over 10 GB can cause OneDrive not working on Mac or Windows. 10 GB is the file limit.

2. The Internet connection on your computer is abnormal or unstable.

3. The operating system or browser on your computer is incompatible.

4. The huge amount of browser caches.

5. The storage on your computer is not enough.

6. Incorrectly figured firewall and proxy settings.

How to Fix OneDrive Not Working

Whatever the cause of this problem, solving it is the most important thing right now. There are several ways to fix OneDrive not working on your computer, these are:

Solution 1: Restarting the OneDrive app on your PC or Mac.

Solution 2: Make sure your OneDrive account is connected to your computer.

Solution 3: Make sure the available storage space in your PC is sufficient.

Solution 4: Check and make sure that your Internet connection is properly functioning and you can view web pages properly.

Solution 5: Make sure the available storage space in your computer is sufficient, you need to have a minimum of 50 GB of hard drive or SSD storage space to accommodate huge files you are transferring, if not you need to declutter some files.

Solution 6: Perform disk cleanup on your computer, in order to remove the unwanted and corrupt file. And, clear the browser caches and cookies

Solution 7: Check that customized proxy and firewall settings aren’t preventing you from accessing the Drive.

Solution 8: Using OneDrive alternative to sign in OneDrive account. If you’re urgent to using files in your OneDrive, you can try out a free OneDrive alternative – AnyTrans for Cloud. It is another way of using OneDrvie. What you need to do is sign up AnyTrans for Cloud, add and authorize OneDrive, then use it as using OneDrive.

How to Fix OneDrive Not Working with AnyTrans for Cloud

How to Fix OneDrive Not Working with AnyTrans for Cloud

The Bottom Line

In most cases, the size of the file, account issues and inability to sync accounts are mostly responsible for OneDrive crashes on the computer. One of the ways highlighted above, should be able to resolve the issue of OneDrive not working. Hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible.


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