Is Dropbox Secure? Get Exact Answer Here

Is Dropbox secure? Is Dropbox safe to use? Read on this guide to get the exact answer and find all the information you want to know.

By Bella Miller | Posted on: Jul. 31, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 18, 2019
Is Dropbox Secure

Is Dropbox Secure

Whether Dropbox is secure or not is a matter of very detailed research that would reveal the correct answer largely depends on how you use the service and how exactly you define data and cloud security. Thus, the very question we ask “Is Dropbox secure” depends on multiple factors we need to assess in detail.

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How Does Dropbox Works?

Dropbox is a cloud-based service that also has a software app that runs on PCs and laptops as well as on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The web-based version of Dropbox is enabling users to upload, view and share files online. Dropbox is also offering integration with G Suite, enabling sharing and viewing of files through Gmail.

The overall Dropbox security depends on secure communication when you place a new file in the Dropbox folder. The service uploads the file to a central Dropbox server and then sync the data will all devices on which you have installed Dropbox.

What’s the Problem with Dropbox Security

Security of data in the cloud depends on multiple factors and Dropbox security issues may arise from both human error and non-secure communications. First, a person can share a link to a Dropbox file that the recipient can share with undesired third parties.

Second, strangers are able to access files on lost or stolen devices that are running Dropbox. Finally, a malicious party can sniff on your connection while transferring or synchronising data to or from your Dropbox account.

Dropbox security issues may also pertain to the ability of Dropbox to decrypt your corporate and personal data you store with them. They use 256-bit AES encryption, which is a good method to secure data. But they also can decrypt it at any time, under request from a government agency or at the will of a malicious employee who has specific access rights.

In all of the above scenarios, you either witness your Dropbox security being compromised or have someone accessing your data without being authorized.

Is Dropbox Safe to Use

So, is Dropbox secure for individual and corporate to use? The answer is yes, as Dropbox provides the same or sometimes better data security compared to other cloud services.

But is Dropbox safe for storing personal and corporate data? It is 100% safe as long as you do not store any sensitive information on their servers. The same actually applies to any cloud-based data storage solution and experts are considering it as the main obstacle to the wider adoption of cloud data storage and backup services.

Potential Dropbox security issues may also arise from their own credentials being compromised, which is not an unlikely possibility at all. They store all your encryption keys. Therefore, any hackers able to penetrate their systems will gain access to the data stored by you.

Actually, Dropbox stands high on the list of companies preferred by hackers for phishing attacks, which means you need really impenetrable file decryption in case of account being successfully compromised. They occupy the 8th place on this list, ranking before services such as Apple, Orange, Adobe and Google.

Is Dropbox Safe to Use

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You also have the problem with Dropbox stating they will decrypt any data should a government agency presents them with a valid subpoena. When privacy of data is concerned, Dropbox security issues may relate to their policy of retaining information such as usernames, emails, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information and social network details.

They are required to delete all such data upon request under the European GDPR regulations but other nation states do not require such personal data protection policies.

Another concern is that Dropbox does not actually delete all your data after you leave the service. What it means is that deleting your Dropbox account does not automatically result in your data being deleted as well.

A recent accusation that Dropbox is providing raw data to third parties was repudiated, but they still share personal info upon connection to services such as Facebook. They use Amazon’s cloud storage service and share your details with them. Following, the recent release of an API connecting you to your G Suite account, further Dropbox security concerns are on the horizon as you eventually connect two cloud services that may store business-critical data.

A very specific safety and security aspect of the Dropbox service pertains to their ability to track your location even when you are on the go. They deny using the built-in GPS of mobile devices to keep track of your location but make fair estimates where in the world are you by utilising info about your IP address and data embedded in the files you upload. Of course, you can hide your IP address but still.

The Bottom Line

You must decide by yourself is Dropbox safe for you after evaluating all the potential data and cloud security issue we mention above. Dropbox is more than safe for storing non-sensitive data but Dropbox security issues may occur if you blindly use it for storing and syncing critical data. If this tutorial is useful to you, don’t forget to share it with your friends or other people.

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