OneDrive vs. Dropbox – Four Things to Consider Before Making the Choice

This post aims at telling you the differences between OneDrive and Dropbox. Follow us now and see which one is the winner in the battle of OneDrive vs. Dropbox.

By iMobie | Posted on: Jun. 26, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 12, 2019

OneDrive and Dropbox are both big names in the cloud storage service field and have earned their standing in one way or another. It could be tough to tell which one is the winner in the battle of OneDrive vs. Dropbox.

To help you make a choice between OneDrive and Dropbox, here in this article, we will make comparisons in aspects of sharing and content controls, transferring speed, free and paid storage, security. However, before getting started, let’s get to know the basic information of OneDrive and Dropbox.

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OneDrive vs. Dropbox

OneDrive vs. Dropbox

The Basic Information of OneDrive & Dropbox

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is launched in its current form in 2014 by Microsoft. It lets you store basically all file types and organize them. This service is available on Windows, Mac computer and Android, iOS devices, most important of all, it has tight integration with Microsoft Office.

Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox Inc., 2017. It can create a special folder on the user’s computer and the contents of which will be synchronized to Dropbox’s servers and devices that logged in the same Dropbox account. Dropbox app currently now supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux computers and Android, iOS, Windows phones.

The Battle: OneDrive vs. Dropbox

Below, we will compare OneDrive and Google Drive in four aspects.

1 > OneDrive vs. Dropbox – Price

Microsoft OneDrive offers 5GB free storage plan. However, that’s not really enough for most people. Three storage extending plans are offered to for consumers. Here is the detailed list.

Plan OneDrive Basic 50GB Office 365 Personal Office 365 Home
Storage 5GB 50GB 1TB 5TB
Price Free $1.99/month
Details Come with Office 365 Personal Come with Office 365 Home

Dropbox also offers free storage place, but only for the first 2GB. Purchasing storage place is also supported.

Plan Dropbox Basic Dropbox Plus Dropbox Professional
Storage 2GB 1TB 1TB
Price Free $9.99/month
Service Attached Remote device wipe

Priority email support

Smart Sync
Advanced sharing controls
120-day version history
Priority chat support

2 > OneDrive vs. Dropbox – Speed

Besides price, the uploading and downloading speed is also one thing to consider before making the choice. Just imagine how frustrated it is if it takes too long to download or upload a file from the cloud service. We have tested OneDrive & Dropbox’s uploading and downloading speed under the Internet speed of 160/12mbps.

Average Uploading Time Average Downloading Time
Dropbox 4.44 0:19
OneDrive 3.55 0:14

3 > OneDrive vs. Dropbox – Sharing and Content Control

It is absolutely important for cloud services to be able to share files with ease. Then how easy can sharing files on OneDrive and Dropbox be?

To share files on OneDrive, you can simply highlight the objects and click the Share button. A link would then be created. Others can access the file via the link. The key aspects are the inclusion of both passwords and expiry dates for links.

On OneDrive, the share button is on the upper right corner, which makes sharing multiple folders or files much easier. You can select more than one folder to share at one time. However, you can’t set a password and expiry date of the shared files, which means someone can access the shared files without your knowledge.

4 > OneDrive vs. Dropbox – Security

Dropbox encrypts data in transit with TLS and 128-bit AES encryption. 128 bits might seem low but it makes all practical purposes uncrackable. Besides, the less complex the encryption, the faster the upload speed.

Once files arrive at the Dropbox data center, they would be decrypted and encrypted again, this time 256-bit AES is adopted. This helps with indexing processes.

Another worth to mention is that Dropbox does let users set up two-step verification to access the data, which prevents attacks.

As for OneDrive, SSL and TLS are adopted while transiting process which is enough to protect your data safety. However, one thing to mention is that Microsoft would scan your files or objectionable content. many people might feel uncomfortable with that. Their encryption policies are relatively lax.

No matter which one is better, you just want to choose a cloud service to store your crucial data, especially data like pictures. If you are an iPhone user and store images to Onedrive or dropbox in HEIC format, then you may need to convert HEIC photos to JPG in some cases and here some guides can give you a hand:

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for comparison of Dropbox and OneDrive. Now you certainly know who is the winner in the battle of Dropbox vs. OneDrive. If you have any questions about this post, please don’t hesitate to leave comments below. By the way, we’d appreciate it if you can share this post with others.


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