How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox

In this post, you will get to know the best and reliable way for saving email documents to Dropbox and we will resolve your all problems on how to email the document to Dropbox.

By iMobie | Posted: Jul. 24, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 24, 2018
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Dropbox acts like an extra cloud storage drive for all your documents, music, videos, images, etc. You can create a backup for all your documents by saving documents to Dropbox. Besides that, Dropbox also gives you an access to save email documents to Dropbox. By simple integration Dropbox with your Microsoft outlook account, you can save email documents and attachments to Dropbox. In this post, the detailed instructions on how to email the document to Dropbox will be introduced.

How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox

You need to integrate your Microsoft Outlook with Dropbox to save email documents. This method works only on the desktop.

Step 1 Install Dropbox for Outlook: To start the process, you first need to download the Dropbox for Outlook add-in. You can install this from the Microsoft’s AppSource.

Step 2 Click on “GET IT NOW”: After opening the Microsoft’s AppSource website, you will see the “GET IT NOW” button on the left side of its dashboard. Click on that button to download the Dropbox for Outlook.

How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox – Step 2

How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox – Step 2

Step 3 Add Email Account: Now, it will ask for your Microsoft account details. Tap on “Continue” and then, “Add”. Select your valid email address and again tap on “Continue”.

Step 4 Tap on “Install”: Now, you will be on our Outlook account. Here, you will see the “Install” button. Click on it to start the installation process. Finally, tap on “Ok”.

Step 5 Integration: In your Outlook account, Dropbox will be integrated into your outlook account. You will get the Dropbox icon on your outlook header on the top-right side of the outlook dashboard.

Step 6 Tap on “Dropbox”: Whenever you get an email with attached documents, tap on the “Dropbox” button that you have integrated with the above steps in outlook header.

How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox – Step 6

How to Save Email Documents to Dropbox – Step 6

Step 7 Select Email Documents: For the further process, you can select all your desired email documents from the outlook account that you want to save into Dropbox account.

Step 8 Select the Dropbox Location: To save email documents to Dropbox, you need to select the location where you want to save.

  1. After saving the email attachments to Dropbox, you can also select a document from Dropbox to an email. This process is also very simple. You just need to tap on “Dropbox” icon while composing an email and then, choose your desired files. Then, for each file that you selected, you will get a shared link.
  2. If you have more than cloud drives, AnyTrans for Cloud is highly recommended. The program enables you to access and manage your multiple clouds from one place, within just one login. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, pCloud and more are supported. AnyTrans for Cloud makes it easy to transfer files and folders from one cloud drive to another directly. The guide about how to sync Google Drive with Dropbox shows how to make it.

The Bottom Line

In this article, you have seen that the integration of Dropbox with your email account is not a difficult process. Email documents carry vital information. Therefore, you’d better create a backup of your all email documents through Dropbox. Hope the guide about emailing documents to Dropbox can do you a favor.


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