How to Backup Photos to Google Drive from Computer

Knowing how to transfer photos from computer to Google Drive is essential to prevent losing all your precious images. Google Drive is a vital cloud resource that enables Windows and Mac users to keep their photographs safe even if when their computer breaks down. Here, you’ll find two simple ways of doing this to keep your images safe.

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The flexibility of Google Drive cloud storage means that users can conveniently and easily expand their storage space past the limit of the hard drive of their computer. Users receive 15 GB of storage for free on registering for this service. And it is useful for storing images and photographs that you don’t want to lose.

This cloud serve not only saves vital storage space on the hard drive of your PC but also keeps it protected from viruses or computer damage. And below let’s know how to quickly backup computer pictures to Google Drive.

Method 1. How to Backup Photos To Google Drive from Computer [Traditional Way]

Google Drive represents a simple way of storing photos from your Mac or PC to the cloud, protecting those images from any potential loss. As an added benefit ,Google Drive enables users to access any those photographs remotely from other internet enabled devices.

The first simple way to upload photos from your PC to Google Drive is as follows:

  1. First, visit
  2. Click on the tab which directs you to Google Drive.
  3. Log in using your existing Gmail account. If you have no Gmail account yet, you can register for one for free.
  4. Drag the photographic images you want to upload into the Google Drive folder from your PC or Mac. You will see that it automatically update to the account. You can either cut and paste or choose to drag and drop your picture files.

Method 1. How To Upload Photos To Google Drive or Other Cloud Storage Service

For anybody who wants to store their photographs and images in the cloud, AnyTrans for iOS represents a highly useful too. It is useful in helping to not only sync the files and folders contained in your Google Drive with various clouds but it also allows contents like photos to be uploaded to Google Drive from a Mac or computer with only a few clicks. This is beneficial for anyone who owns more than one Cloud storage account as it is faster, easier and in one place.

Here is your quick guide to using AnyTrans to back up your computer:

1.  Launch AnyTrans for iOS on your PC or Mac and sign into your account. If you have no existing account, your can create one for free.

2.  The next step is to click on the button marked “+”, and select the option Google Drive.

How to Backup Computer to Google Drive

How to Backup Photos to Google Drive from Computer -Step 2

3.  Tap the “Authorize Now” tab, and enter the password and account name you use for your Google Drive This will allow AnyTrans to manage and access your content in your Google Drive.

How to Backup PC/Mac to Google Drive

How to Upload Photos to Google Drive from PC – Authorization

4.  Click on the Google Drive symbol to the left of the screen and use the Upload feature to select the files and folders that you wish to upload to Google Drive from your computer.

Transfer Photos from PC to Google Drive – Step 3

Upload Pictures from Computer to Google Drive

The Bottom Line

Backing up your images to Google Drive is a useful and highly convenient way of ensuring you are protected from losing precious photographs and memories. You’ll also be able to access those from any device without having to use your Mac or PC.

And if you would like to upload photos to Google Drive from another Cloud storage services, you may need one free Cloud manager like AnyTrans for iOS. If you find this tutorial is useful, please share it. And welcome any comment below to discuss on how to backup photos.


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