How to Transfer Music from Dropbox to Computer

For easy access and have a backup of the music files, you can learn how to download dropbox music to computer. Here we’ll show you some easy ways to download music from Dropbox to computer.

By Abby Walsh | Posted: Jun. 19, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 16, 2018
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The Dropbox save the data files into its server and let the user access them in the time of need. It provides a secure space for the files from where it can’t be accessed by unwanted users. Upload the music files to the dropbox in case your device ’s storage capacity is full and download them from two simple methods. The Dropbox feature is available for all devices like laptop, PCs, Tablets, Desktops, and for Windows, Android, Mac Operating System. The storage space can be expanded up to a limit of terabytes which is big enough to keep all the files you need to protect.

If you don’t know how to transfer music from Dropbox to a computer or how to transfer music from Dropbox to the computer, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the methods to do it in simple and easy steps.

How to Transfer Music from Dropbox to Computer:

Transferring the music files from a computer to Dropbox is easy. But some people lack the knowledge of how to transfer them from Dropbox to computer. Following are the steps you need to know:

Method 1. Desktop Website

The desktop website for Dropbox allows the user to download the music files from Dropbox to Computer in few simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Dropbox website.

Step 2. Log in to the website.

Step 3. After you are in find the folder where music files are stored.

Step 4. Click on the(…)  button on the right of the file and select download.

Step 5. Wait for the download to finish and you will have the file on your desktop.

Method 2. Desktop App

The desktop app was introduced after some time when dropbox begin to gain popularity among the users. The desktop app helps the user to know how to download music from Dropbox to a computer in easy steps:

Step 1. Open the website and select the download dropbox option from the webpage.

Step 2. Install the desktop app on the device and log in to the account. Save the credentials if you want to.

Step 3. At first, the app will sync the files. It will take some time.

Step 4. A desktop folder will be created. Open the folder and find the music files you want to transfer to your desktop. Copy the files and paste it in another folder on the desktop.

Remember if you move the files from Dropbox to the desktop, then it will be deleted from the dropbox and your backup will be lost. Instead, copy and paste it into the destination folder.

The Bottom Line

Copying music files from Dropbox to the desktop will give you access to all the files you might have deleted because of some reason. Whether it is a 10-year-old file or 1-day old file, you will have a copy of the original file for the lifetime. Here, we have explained some quick methods to transfer music from Dropbox to computer so that you won’t have to face any difficulty in accessing them for the next time something gets deleted by mistake.

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