Guidelines for Using iMobie Trademarks

AnyTrans®, PhoneRescue®, PhoneClean® are trademarks of iMobie Inc., registered in the U.S. On the occasion that iMobie has not included any product, feature, service name or logo on this page, iMobie does not waive any intellectual property rights that iMobie has established in any such product, feature, service name or logo, all of which intellectual property rights are expressly reserved. Use of iMobie trademarks for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of iMobie will constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition, and is prohibited.

iMobie’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, logos, logotypes, signatures, and design marks are valuable assets that iMobie protects. Only iMobie and its authorized resellers and partners may use the iMobie trademarks and logos in any manner, including in advertising, promotional, and sales materials.

All usage, including press releases, must comply with the applicable agreement you have with iMobie. By using an iMobie mark or logo, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that iMobie is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with iMobie’s rights in the trademark, including challenging iMobie’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with any other word or marks, anywhere in the world. You further acknowledge that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any iMobie mark. If you are an iMobie reseller or partner and you have questions regarding trademark usage or press releases, please contact

Prohibited Usage of iMobie Trademarks

1. Do Not Use iMobie Trademarks As The Name Of Your Company, Products Or Services, As A Domain Name Or Social Media Profile.

You may not use or register in any jurisdiction, whether foreign or domestic, any iMobie trademark as all or part of your company, product, or service name in a manner that is likely to create confusion as to iMobie sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company, product, or service, or that may dilute the iMobie trademarks. Similarly, you may not use or register in any jurisdiction, whether foreign or domestic, a domain name or social media profile or name that incorporates any iMobie trademark in bad faith or in a manner that is likely to create confusion as to iMobie’s sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company, product, or service.

2. Do Not Use iMobie Logos Without Permission.

You may not use any iMobie logo unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from iMobie authorizing such use.

3. Do Not Use iMobie Trademarks In False Or Misleading Advertising.

Advertising for iMobie or its products or services offered under the iMobie trademarks must not be false or misleading in any way and must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.

4. Do Not Use iMobie Trademarks In Objectionable Material.

You may not use iMobie trademarks on or in connection with, in iMobie’s sole discretion, any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.

5. Do Not Use iMobie Trademarks To Disparage iMobie.

You may not use iMobie trademarks to disparage iMobie, its products or services, or in a manner that, in iMobie’s judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the reputation of iMobie or the goodwill in the iMobie trademarks.

6. Do Not Use iMobie Trademarks As AdWords.

You may not use iMobie trademarks as or in connection with Google AdWords, AdWords Express or any other similar online advertising service.

Permissible Usage of iMobie Trademarks

1. Use iMobie Trademarks To Refer To iMobie’s Products Or Services.

With the exception of iMobie logos (the use of which must be expressly authorized by iMobie), you generally may use iMobie Trademarks to refer to iMobie’s products or services in advertising, promotional, and sales materials, provided that you have the necessary authority to sell or promote iMobie’s products or services, e.g. authorized reseller, licensee, etc.

2. Use iMobie Trademarks To Indicate A Relationship To iMobie Products.

You may indicate the relationship of your products and services to iMobie’s products or services by using an accurate referential phrase in connection with your product or service, for example, "for use with iMobie’s software" or "compatible with iMobie’s software" provided that: (a) the iMobie trademark appears less prominent than the product or service name; (b) the iMobie trademark is not a part of or incorporated in your product or service name; and (c) the referential phrase is accurate and complies with the requirements set forth in any license agreement with iMobie.

3. Use iMobie Trademarks In Publications, Seminars, And Conferences.

You may display or refer to iMobie word marks in the titles or subject matter of books, magazines, periodicals, seminars, and conferences, subject to the following requirements:

i. Your use adheres to these guidelines;

ii. The use of the iMobie word mark is necessary because it is germane to the subject matter of the publication, seminar, or conference;

iii. The use does not damage iMobie’s reputation or goodwill in its marks and reflects positively on iMobie Inc., its products and technology;

iv. Your name, logo, trademarks, or trade name are displayed more prominently than the iMobie word mark on all of your printed materials in connection with the publication, seminar, or conference;

v. You conspicuously disclaim any and all sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by iMobie, on all publications and/or printed material in connection with the publication, seminar, or conference in the following format: "[Title] is an independent [publication, seminar, or conference] with no affiliation to, nor authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by iMobie Inc."

vi. You must provide a trademark attribution notice in the credit section providing notice that iMobie Inc. is the owner of its trademark(s). Please refer to "Rules for Proper Usage of iMobie Trademarks" below.

Rules for Proper Usage of iMobie Trademarks

Proper usage of iMobie Trademarks is important for their continued protection. Proper usage aids consumers who depend upon iMobie’s goods and services and helps prevent iMobie trademarks from losing their distinctiveness and becoming generic. Licensees of iMobie trademarks may have different rules of usage set forth in their license agreement, in which case Licensees should follow those guidelines.

1. Set iMobie Trademarks Apart From Surrounding Text.

When an iMobie trademark is used in a non-stylized form, such as in the body text of an advertisement, it should be set apart and distinguished from the other words in the text. In order to do this, the iMobie trademark may be rendered in boldface type, italics, capital letters, underscored, or set in quotation marks.


Correct Incorrect
A variety of resellers and distributors sell AnyTrans®. A variety of resellers and distributors sell anytrans.

2. Do Not Abbreviate Or Alter The Spelling Of iMobie Trademarks.

You should not vary the appearance of iMobie trademarks by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling, or using improper capitalization.


Correct Incorrect
AnyTrans® anytrans
PhoneRescue® Phone Rescue

3. Use The Trademark Symbol.

An iMobie trademark should appear with the trademark symbol ®. In written materials, the trademark symbol ® must be used with the first or most prominent appearance of the iMobie trademark in headlines and the first time the iMobie trademark appears in body text. This symbol ® also should be used on each subsequent page if the topic is different or if the pages can be separated and distributed independently.

4. Use The Proper Trademark Attribution Statement.

All marketing collateral, advertisements, product packaging, web pages, manuals, and studies that include iMobie trademarks also must include the proper trademark attribution statement crediting ownership of the iMobie trademarks to iMobie Inc. Typically, the attribution statement is displayed at the end of the material, in the footer of the document, or on the back of the package. The correct trademark attribution statement is:

iMobie, the iMobie Logo, AnyTrans®, PhoneRescue®, PhoneClean® and [if applicable, you may add any other trademarks owned by iMobie that are referred to or displayed in the document] [is/are] trademark[s] or registered trademark[s] of iMobie Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Usage Rules for iMobie Logos

You may not use any iMobie logo unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from iMobie authorizing such use. In the event that you are authorized to use an iMobie logo, the use must comply with these additional guidelines (or the usage guidelines set forth in your license agreement, if those guidelines differ).

1. Use Only The Approved Master Artwork.

The iMobie logos are single, standalone pieces of artwork. When reproducing the logos, use only the master artwork provided by iMobie. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logo in anyway, for example, by adding your own design elements or colors or changing the font. The logo must always look sharp, clean, and well produced.

2. Allow A Minimum Clear Space Around The iMobie Logo.

Always allow for a minimum clear space around the iMobie logo. Never violate the clear space with any graphic elements, words or charts.

3. Maintain Legibility.

Never reproduce the logo in a manner that causes the logo to become illegible or blurry, which may happen if the logo is reproduced too small.

4. Do Not Use iMobie Logos As A Decorative Device.

Do not use any iMobie logos for purely decorative purposes in any marketing collateral, packaging, or web site without the express written permission of iMobie.

Misuse Of iMobie Trademarks By Others

If you learn of any uses of any logos, icons, or images that are confusingly similar to the iMobie trademarks, please notify iMobie by sending an e-mail to Similarly, if you become aware of any use of an iMobie trademark that violates any of the rules described above, including failure to identify iMobie trademarks as belonging to iMobie Inc., please notify us at If possible, please provide a copy of the article or other medium in which the trademark violation appeared.