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iCloud FAQ

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Part 1. How much iCloud storage i have?

Once you set up iCloud, you would get 5GB storage automatically. With that storage space, you can store your photos in iCloud Photo Library, and keep your documents up to date in iCloud Drive. Please notice that if you run out of iCloud storage, your device will not backup data to iCloud anymore. If you need more space, you can purchase storage from Apple.

Part 2. How to backup with iCloud?

1. Connect device to Wi-Fi network > Go Settings > Your Name> Choose iCloud.

2. Tap iCloud Backup option> Click Backup up now > Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is fine until the backup process completes.

Part 3. How do I transfer photos between iOS devices via iCloud?

How to transfer photos between iOS devices with iCloud? Please follow the steps below to learn about that.

1. Please go to Settings > Tap on iCloud > Tap on Photos.

2. Please turn on iCloud Photo Library option.

3. Please Choose between “Optimize iPhone Storage” and “Download and Keep Originals”.

4. It takes a while to upload photos to the iCloud Photo Library. After it is done, you are able to access them from an All Photos album in the Photos app on iOS devices.

Meanwhile, please make sure the two devices are iOS 8.3 or higher and log into the same Apple ID. And you need to make your devices connect a wireless network to upload the photos. You also need to make sure there is enough iCloud storage space since iCloud Photo Library uses your iCloud storage allotment.

Part 4. How do I export photos from iCloud to computer with iCloud?

How to transfer photos from iCloud to computer with iCloud? Please refer to the methods below to know more about that.

For Windows:

1. Go to iCloud official website ( > Log in your iCloud account > Click the Photos icon.

2. Select the photos that you want to download and then please click the Download tab on the upper right.

For Mac:

1. Go to iCloud Preference Panel > Click Options next to Photos.

2. Choose iCloud Photo Library > Click Done.

Part 5. How to restore your iOS device from an iCloud backup?

How to restore your iOS device from iCloud backup? Please refer to the steps below to learn more about that.

1. Please go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

2. Please refer to the steps of onscreen setup until you get to the Apps & Data screen. Then please tap Restore from iCloud Backup.

3. Please log in iCloud with your Apple ID. After that, please choose a backup. You can view the date and size of each backup and select the most relevant. And then it starts transferring.

4. After that, please sign in your Apple ID account to restore your data when prompted. If you forget your password, you can click Skip this Step and sign in later.

5. Please make it connected and wait for a progress bar to appear and complete. The completing time is based on the size of backup and the network speed. So please wait a moment patiently. If you disconnect from Wi-Fi, the progress will pause until you reconnect.

6. Then you can complete setup and enjoy your device. Your data will continue to restore in the background. Please be patient. At the same time, please connect to Wi-Fi and power to make the process finish.

Part 6. How to recover deleted photos from iCloud Photo Library?

How to recover your deleted photos from iCloud Photo Library? Please refer to the following instructions to know more about that.

1. Please make sure that you’ve enabled iCloud Photo Library on your device. Here is the step:

Go to Settings > Your Account > iCloud > Photos > Turn on iCloud Photo Library.

2. Please go to on your computer and then log in with your iCloud account.

3. Click Photos icon and then you will see the pictures that have been uploaded to iCloud.