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Part 1. How to change wallpaper in iPhone?

How to change wallpaper (Lock Screen, Home Screen and Set Both) in iPhone? Please refer to the detailed instruction to tackle this issue:

1. Open iPhone> Go Settings> Click Wallpaper> Choose a New Wallpaper Option.


2. You can choose dynamic or stills wallpaper based on your needs. Meanwhile, you can also choose the photo in Camera Roll as the background wallpaper.

Part 2. How to switch language in iPhone?

How to switch language in iPhone? Please refer to the detailed instruction to tackle this issue:

Open iPhone > Go Settings > Click General > Choose Language & Region > Tap iPhone Language > Switch language as you need.

Part 3. How to change Apple ID on iPhone?

How to change Apple ID on iPhone? The detailed instruction will help you solve this issue:

1. Go Settings > Click iCloud> Find out this option " Delete Account " at the bottom of this page > Click " Delete Account " and you will see this interface.

2. Click " Delete "> Go back to iCloud > Input the Apple ID and Password to log into new account.

Part 4. How to lock my iPhone?

How to lock iPhone when it is lost? This post provides you with detailed instructions.

1. Please make sure that the option " Find my iPhone " is turned on before your iPhone is lost.

2. Log into iCloud website ( ) on computer > Choose " Find iPhone " option > Input your iCloud password > Select the iPhone you want to locate from the drop - down box under All Devices > Choose Lost Mode from the three modes: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPod > Enter a four-digit/ six-digit password.

3. Enter relevant information according to the prompt. Then if your iPhone was locked successfully, the relevant information you inputted will be shown on the lock screen. Meanwhile, locking iPhone process requires internet connection. Thus, please make sure there is internet connection during this process.

4. If you want to unlock your iPhone after find it back, please drag " slide to side " to right on the lock screen. Now please enter the password you set before to unlock your iPhone.

Part 5. How to restore iPhone to factory settings?

To restore the iPhone to factory settings, please refer to the instructions below:

1. Go Settings > Click General > Find out the " Restore " option at the bottom of this page > Choose " Erase All Content and Settings " option.

2. Enter your passcode in the Pop-up window > Click the red " Erase iPhone " button.

Note: Given the importance of your data, please backup the important data in your iPhone prior to restore it to factory settings.

Part 6. How to adjust the display & brightness in iPhone?

How to adjust the display & brightness in iPhone? Please refer to the detailed instructions to tackle this issue:

1. Go to Settings > Click Display & Brightness > Drag the slider to the right or left.

2. If your iOS device has an ambient-light sensor, you’ll see an Auto-Brightness setting under the slider. Auto-Brightness uses a light sensor to adjust brightness based on your surroundings. If you want to raise or lower the Auto-Brightness levels, please turn on Auto-Brightness. The brightness slider will move according to the lighting conditions. Now you can use the slider to adjust the Auto-Brightness setting.