AnyTrans Unique Features

To facilitate the routine use of AnyTrans, our developers have specially designed plenty of convenient and swift functions you may need. Check on the fantastic features blow:

One-click to Transfer Media Files

Content to iTunes Content to PC Content to Device Add Content Clone Device Merge Device

Content to iTunes: If there are some songs missed or your iTunes library broke down, AnyTrans could rebuild your whole iTunes library with 1-click, along with your playlists, ratings, album or other.

Content to PC: Enables to transfer different types of media files to PC & Mac as a backup. Plus, you can backup those files to other portable hard drives after extracting to PC.

Content to Device: Transfer all your music, photos, books or other directly to another device, so that you can share them with your friends. In addition, you can move your files (photos, songs, etc. ) from your old device to a new one when upgrading your device, like iPod to iPhone, iPhone 5s to iPhone 6.

Add Content: It is available to add a new media file from a computer, no need of iTunes and the files on your device won't be erased. If press Ctrl button at the same time, you can add more files once a time.

Clone Device: Copy all of your iDevice contents to another iDevice, including Media data, Personal Info, Photos and App Data. Through the clone feature, all data on your old iDevice will be moved to your new iDevice. But be careful that the corresponding data on target device will be overwritten, including: messages, contacts, notes, call history, Safari bookmarks and photos.

Merge Device: Enables you to merge contents between iDevices without erasing data located in the target device, including Media Data, Personal Info and App. By using the merge feature, all data (except for photos) can be moved from your previous iDevice to a new one and the duplicated data can be skipped automatically.

Exotic Features to Simplify the Operations

- Minimize its window while transferring contents, which won't bother your other works.

- Drag and drop to add or export contents with more easily and freely.

- Automatically convert videos to the format that your device supported.

- Automatically skip the repeated songs while transferring them to iTunes library.

- Available to preview photos, audio iOS messages, and other information.

- Complete all contacts information with head portrait via Edit button.

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