How to Check the LCD Screen?

It’s not very difficult to check the LCD screen of your iOS device. Sometime you can even find some defects by your eyes. But in some circumstances, it’s unable to find by eyes. Don’t worry! There are some other ways that can help you with the issue. You can gain more information from the content below.

1. LCD tester: There is a tester for checking LCD on the market. The biggest problem is that since all models of LCD are different, you will need to buy LCD testers that are suitable for all types and models, and there may be hundreds of them. Since the LCDs of all smartphones have connectors of different sizes, and the number of connecting pins is not the same, it is impossible to make a universal LCD inspection machine. This is a major limitation, so unless you perform repairs or tests on thousands of units of a particular model, it is not feasible at all.

2. Check in a phone of the same model: The second option is that if you are using a working handset of the same model, you can easily put the LCD in the handset and check whether it works. E.g. If you want to check the LCD of the iPhone 5s, you can check it in a working iPhone 5s.

3. Check the new LCD: Replace with a new LCD. If a graphic appears on the LCD, it means that your old LCD is malfunctioning. If the new LCD does not display graphics, it means that your old LCD may be OK.

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