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How to Enter DFU Mode for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?

DFU means for Device Firmware Update, and it’s the deepest type of restore you can do on an iPhone. Please refer to the detailed instructions below to put iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to DFU mode.

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To get more detailed steps about how to put iPhone in DFU mode, please visit the link below to watch the Video Tutorial:

For iPhone 8 and above, iPad Models with A10 or above(iPad Pro 2018 & 2019, iPad Air 2019, iPad Mini 2019):

For iPhone 7 (Plus), iPad Models with A10 or above (iPad 2018 & 2019, iPad Pro 2017) and iPod touch 7:

For iPhone 6s or earlier, iPad Models with A9 or earlier (Other iPad) and iPod touch 6 or earlier:

If you can’t put your iPhone (iPad/iPod touch) in DFU mode, or you can't enter DFU mode because of broken buttons, to get more efficient solution soon, please contact Apple Support Team with

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