How to Sweep Development Junk Files

The development junk files are generated during the app installation or debugging process, which are prepared for the developer to diagnose the program running errors. However, most of them are meaningless for the end users. By cleaning such junk files, MacClean could reclaim more free space for your Mac. Simply follow the tutorial below to clean up your Mac.

Step 1: Choose Development Junk to Start Scan

Firstly open MacClean > Click on the grey switch to enable Development Junk option > click the Start Clean button to start scanning the Development junk files:

Start Scan Development Junk

During this process, you can quit scanning the Development Junk via clicking Stop Scan on the bottom of MacClean. You can also skip scanning perticular junks by clicking Skip button.

Scanning development junk

Step 2: Pre-Check the Development Junks

After it finishes the scanning, MacClean will give a summary for the found junk files. Click the following area and you'll get a list of results for each piece of development junk files:

Pre-check files

MacClean offers Check All/Uncheck All option to help you delete/keep all items (or you can also tick any single item). After pre-checking the selected junks, you can click the panel on the left side to return to clean page:

Check Specific Files

Step 3: Start Cleaning Development Junks

You can click Clean Now to start cleaning after the scanning is done. Or you can click Start Over to quit cleaning and get back to the homepage:

Remove Junk Files
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