How to Clean Old and Large Files

The Old & Large File Finder option in MacClean is made to help you locate your files that are taking up too much space or have not been used for a long time. So you can make the decision of keeping them or removing them to free up space. Follow this tutorial to manage the files on your Mac.

Step 1: Open MacClean to get started

Please firstly open your MacClean > Click "Utilities" on the top > Choose "Old & Large Files" option:

Choose Old & Large Files

Step 2: Choose Folders to Scan

For regularly checking the old / large files, you can choose the Default Folders > Tick the folder you want to scan > click Scan Files:

Choose Default Folder

You can also choose the Custom Folder by manually dragging or adding any folder from you Mac into the following area:

Custom Folder

Step 3: Pre-check Files and Start the Cleaning

After scanning is done, MacClean lists the files from your chosen folder > You can manage the file by type (in the left) and by name/date/size on the upper right corner:

Manage the files

You can manually select the size and date criteria of the files in the left. By default, the large files in MacClean refer to those files that are larger than 10M.

File Size and Date Selection

After Pre-check files finishes, you can click Clean to start the cleaning.

Start the cleaning

Step 4: Finish Cleaning and Share the Result

In the operation result window, you can share MacClean with friends if you find this feature is useful to your Mac:

Finish cleaning and share with friends
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