How to Remove Binary Junk Files

Some application files are made for fitting in with the requirement of different platforms, say the 64-bit or 32-bit system. These files not only take space on your Mac, they may also reduce your application loading and running speed. By performing a cleanup with Binary Junk Remover, you can get rid of these superfluous junks with ease.

Step 1: Open MacClean to get started.

Open MacClean > Click "Utilities" on the top > Choose "Binary Junk Remover" option:

Choose Binary Junk Remover

Step 2: Choose Redundant Binary Files and Start Cleaning

MacClean automatically scans the redundant binary junks on your computer. You can choose to clean binary files in the whole Application or a single binary file in the application:

File Selection

After selecting files on Apps, you can click Clean to start the cleaning.

Start the Cleaning

Step 3: Finish Cleaning and Share the Result

In the operation result window, you can share MacClean with friends if you find this feature is good to use:

Finish Cleaning and Share with Friends
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