How to Clean Notes / Calendars

Notes and Calendar are lovely apps that remind us what has happened or what has to be done. However, if you have not developed a habit to delete your iPhone notes or reminders in a timely manner, then it will give you a big headache to wipe them one by one. Accumulated notes may also expand your device backup time via iTunes or over iCloud. Read on this tutorial to find out how to mass delete iPhone notes / calendars with PhoneClean.


Step 1: connect your device to the computer first > on the home screen of PhoneClean, click Toolbox button:


Step 2: click Note Clean or Calendar Clean:

Notes / Calendars Clean

Step 3: check the notes you don't need any more and click Clean to remove:

Check Notes / Calendars

Tip 1: when clicking Note Clean or Calendar Clean, if you find PhoneClean reminds you with window below, then please follow this tutorial to handle it.

Cancel iCloud
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