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How to Use PhoneRescue for LG

Welcome to PhoneRescue for LG Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed instructions about how to root device, recover lost android data back and even remove screen lock of your LG device. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will be guaranteed with 7/24 customer support.

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Get Started

Learn the basics, settings and register instruction of PhoneRescue for LG. Then, please refer to the detailed guide to make good use of PhoneRescue for LG.

Supported File Types

Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, Calendar, Photos, Music, Videos, App Documents, WhatsApp, Line

Differences between Trial Version & Registered Version

Benefits Trial Registered
Scan & Preview device data
Extract Android Data
Recover Android Data
Remove Screen Lock


Once you install & launch PhoneRescue for LG on your computer successfully, the main interface will display. There are several functional icons you can choose.

The Main Interface of PhoneRescue for LG

At present, PhoneRescue for LG only supports single-device connection.

Even if you are using the trial version, the scanning result can be checked. But to restore lost data to computer or LG device directly, you need to upgrade to the registered version. Meanwhile, with the registered version, you can transfer all LG contents to computer with a few clicks.

The Scanning Result of PhoneRescue for LG

1. At present, PhoneRescue for LG only supports to recover these data to device directly- Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Call Logs.

2. With the trial version, the scanned personal data can only be displayed with the several letters and red dots. Once you upgrade to registered version, you can preview & recover all of them.


Currently, PhoneRescue for LG supports 7 languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese. Please choose your preferred language prior to launch PhoneRescue for LG or change it from the menu bar.

Switch Language of PhoneRescue for HTC

To set up the Output Format of Files, Export Path or Cache Path, please simply click  button on the lower left corner of PhoneRescue for LG.

Setting of PhoneRescue for LG


Please simply click  button to register PhoneRescue for LG, then you can enjoy all benefits of registered version. Please copy & paste your license code rather than entering manually to avoid any typing mistake. At the same time, it is necessary to keep a stable Internet connection during the registering process.

Registering PhoneRescue for LG

Once PhoneRescue for LG registers successfully, the interface will display.

Succeed in Registering PhoneRescue for LG

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