Retrieve Lost Data via iCloud Drive

PhoneRescue helps users to recover data from iCloud Drive even without iDevice at hand. It lets you easily retrieve PPT, Excel, PDF file, Pictures and other files you lost. Through this feature of PhoneRescue, you can preview and selectively recover lost data reserved in iCloud Drive from any computer with an Apple ID.

Please check the internet connection is stable when using this function.

Step 1: Please choose Recover from the iCloud after launching PhoneRescue.

The main interface of PhoneRescue

Step 2: Then, choose iCloud Drive to retrieve your lost data.

Recover data from iCloud Drive

If you want to return to the previous directory, please click this button .

Step 3: Next, input your Apple ID and Password to enter into your iCloud account.

Enter into your iCloud account

Please make sure the data you lost reserved in iCloud.

Step 4: Choose the data located in iCloud Drive and then click download.

Download data from iCloud Drive

If you want to browse the data located in folders, please double-click the selected folder.

Step 5: You can check whether the status is complete or not.

Download data from iCloud Drive

If the internet is interrupted, it will show the files which fail to download.

You can check the location of data downloaded via clicking this button .

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