Restore Lost Data via Exporting iCloud Backup

PhoneRescue has brought a handy way for you although your device is not at hand. In case you have backed up your info, iTunes or iCloud backup recovery would be convenient for you. If you want to recover from iTunes backup, just follow the guide Recover from iTunes Backup to get your lost data back. However, if your computer doesn't exist backup, or iCloud backup recovery is your favorite,  the mode Recover from iCloud Backup would be a  best choice. You can preview and selectively recover your device data from any computer in anytime with an Apple ID even there's no iTunes backup.

Please make sure the Internet has been connected and the data has been backed up to iCloud.

Step 1: Choose Recover from the iCloud to Get Started

After launching PhoneRescue, tap Select an iCloud Backup button on the right side. Then, you need to type in your Apple ID and Password to sign in.

recover from icloud backup

Step 2: Select a Specific iCloud backup to Continue

Once signing in your iCloud account, all iCloud backups will be listed with backup date and size.

backups from icloud

If you want to keep the iCloud backup copy to your computer, you can download it via clicking the DownLoad button on the right side of the backup. However, if your internet connection is not good, you'd better not download the whole copy firstly.

Step 3: Pick up the Corresponding Items to Download and Scan

Choose the corresponding items to begin downloading via clicking Download button, and then, click the button Start Scan to proceed. You can also do personal setting via tapping the Output Setting in the bottom right corner.

download items to scan

If you have downloaded the whole copy when you enter into your iCloud account firstly, the button will show Start Scan because you already download it.

scan icloud backup

Step 4: Preview the Detailed Backup Data from iCloud Backup

Once PhoneRescue finishing the scan process, it will present a result for each item. Simply click the specific item to preview the detailed info. It will contain the existing and deleted info from your iCloud backup with different color and marks. You can pick up the Only Show Deleted button in the bottom to only display the deleted info.

preview detail info from icloud backup

Step 5: Restore Data from iCloud Backup

To recover the data from iCloud backup, there are two ways for recovery: directly coping text information to clipboard(click the info > tap Ctrl + C > tap Ctrl + V), or tapping Recover button. Only contacts, call history, messages, calendar and Safari bookmarks are available for directly copying and pasting.

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