Merge Contents Between iPhones

PhoneTrans Pro enables you to merge contents between iPhones without erasing data located in the target iPhone, including Music, Playlists, Movies, Ringtones, Voice Memos, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Video, iTunes U, Notes, Message, Contacts, Calendar, Call History and App. By using the merge feature, all data can be moved from your previous iPhone to a new one, and the duplicate data will be skipped automatically.

Please ensure the internet works stably (both computer and iPhone) when using merge function.

Step 1: Launch PhoneTrans Pro after connecting two iPhones to computer. Then, you will see the main interface.


Please make sure the iOS version of iPhone is iOS 6 or higher version.

Step 2: Choose one iPhone as original device and click "Merge Device" button. Then, you will enter into merge management interface.


Step 3: Pick up data you want to merge and start to your merge process.


If the iOS version of iPhone (whatever original device or target device) is iOS 8.3, some apps and data can't be merged.

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