Merge Feature Supported File Types

Browse the complete list of media files and personal data types supported by merge feature of PhoneTrans Pro.

Media Data:

  • Music supportedMusic
  • Playlist supportedPlaylist
  • Ringtone supportedRingtone
  • Movies supportedMovies
  • TV Shows supportedTV Shows
  • Music Videos supportedMusic Videos
  • Voice Memos supportedVoice Memos
  • Home video supportedHome Video
  • Audio book supportedAudio Books
  • Podcasts supportedPodcasts
  • iTunes U supportediTunes U

Personal Info

  • Contacts supportedContacts
  • Messages supportedMessages
  • Books supportedBooks
  • Bookmarks supportedBookmarks
  • Notes supportedNotes
  • Calendar supportedCalendar
  • Call History supportedCall History

App Data

  • App supportedApp

Merge feature does not support merging photos.

If apps merged to target iPhone are unavailable after finishing merge process, please open WiFi and input your Apple ID according to the hint.

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