How to Move Data Located in iCloud to Computer

PhoneTrans Pro helps you access the iCloud data easily. It makes you browse and check all backups after entering into Apple ID. By this way, you can manage your data located in iCloud easier. Please refer to the tutorial below to move backups to computer.

Step 1: Open PhoneTrans Pro after connecting your iDevice to computer. Then, you can glance over the basics of your device.

The main interface of PhoneTrans Pro

Step 2: On the homepage of PhoneTrans Pro, choose iCloud to enter the iCloud manage page. Please input your apple ID and password to enter your iCloud.

The iCloud manage page

Step 3: Give a view on the data which locate in iCloud.

Transfer the data located in iCloud to computer

Step 4: Select the data you want to transfer.

Transfer data to computer

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