How to Add Movie from iPhone 4 to iPad


This article will show you how to achieve the goal - add movie files from iphone 4 onto the new ipad - for sync and backup purposes.


Mar. 25, 2015


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the new iPad

Letter from iMobie User:

Is there any way to add movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad which I'm going to buy and I don't have to start all over? As in the near future, it's not likely for me to invest a new computer, so I have to do this (add movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad) on my friends' cmoputer.

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Answer from iMobie Team:

You may wonder if iCloud is worth a try? Yes, but only when you get favorable network connection. Accordingly, it is recommanded to use a decent third party movie Transfer application. Take AnyTrans as an example. It can help you to add movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad with a few clicks, and you even don't have to bring up slow and clunky iTunes.

AnyTrans is everything you need to add movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad. Lately updated to support: iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, new iPod nano 7, the new iPad, iPhone 4S/4, iPod nano 6, etc. Try to work around slow & troublesome iTunes sync, AnyTrans gives you a hand to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod without any limits; restore iTunes library from iPods; transfer music across iDevices etc.

How Do You Add Movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad by Using AnyTrans

The first thing you need to do is to download AnyTrans for free. Thanks to user-friendly and intuitive design, there is no secret in using this app. Below is the main screenshot of AnyTrans. You'll see it once you finish the installation.

Add Movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad

How to Use AnyTrans to Add Movie

Step 1:
Use two or more USB cables to Connect your iPhone 4 and the new iPad with computer. Wait a second and AnyTrans will automatically show up the basic info of your devices. You can also check how much free space remains through the Usage bar. Learn how to reclaim storage space on iPhone iPad iPod touch

Step 2:
Click on "Videos" > choose the "Movies" to enter the manage page.

Step 3:
Keep target movie files highlidghted and click To Device (Or you can right click the mouse and select To Device). Then AnyTrans will help you instantly move movie from iPhone 4 to the new iPad.

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