How to Download Music from iPod 4G to iPad?


This tutorial is about how to Download Music from iPod touch 4G to iPad. Read on to get an all new idea that can help you Download Music from iPod touch 4G to iPad.


Oct 29, 2012


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Letter from iMobie User:

I had many music on my old computer but it broke so I got a laptop. I downloading many music on this new computer but I'm wondering if I can download music from iPod touch 4G to iPad along with my current music.

Answer from iMobie Team:

If you want to download music from iPod touch 4G to iPad but keep everything intact on the iPad, you can find a decent music Transfer program like AnyTrans. As you know, the content on your iPad must be the same as from iTunes library. But with a third party app, you are able to freely download music from iPod touch 4G to iPad without compromising existing music on iPad.

AnyTrans is made for managing iPhone/iPod/iPad content without iTunes limits. If you want to populate iPhone, iPad, iPod with music, movies, TV shows, music videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, iBooks, Audiobook, voice memo or ringtones, which require syncing through iTunes, you know how slow and tedious it can be. That's we brought about this all-in-one iPod touch 4G to iPad Transfer program.

How Can I Download Music from iPod touch 4G to iPad by Using AnyTrans?

Before starting, you can free download AnyTrans and get it installed on your computer. It is worry-free from virus or any other protetial security hazards to your PC. After few seconds setting up process, you can check it's main interface as below.

Download Music from iPod touch 4G to iPad

How to Use AnyTrans to Download Music

Step 1:
Use two or more USB cables to Connect your iPod touch 4G and iPad with computer. Wait a second and AnyTrans will automatically show up the basic info of your devices. You can also check how much free space remains through the Usage bar. Learn how to reclaim storage space on iPhone iPad iPod touch

Step 2:
After plugging in your device, you will find it on the top. Choose iPod touch 4G and click its Music tab to swift to the files list window.

Step 3:
When selecting music files from iPod touch 4G's library, you can use AnyTrans Filter feature. By typing in Artists, Albums, Genres, or Composers, and AnyTrans will display related music based on your choice.

Step 4:
Keep target music files highlidghted and click To Device (Or you can right click the mouse and select To Device). Then AnyTrans will help you instantly move music from iPod touch 4G to iPad.

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