How Do You Download Song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5


Looking for a solution about how to Download Song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5? This page will give you a simple software that can help you Download Song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5.


Mar. 26, 2015


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iPhone 5

Letter from iMobie User:

I have an old iPod classic 1G with 3000+ songs on it, and a new iPhone 5 I want to sync it to. I keep seeing all these programs you need to buy, which I don't want, and only a small percent of the song was purchased from the iTunes store, so that's not helpful either. Is there any complete way to download song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5? It would be very helpful if you'd like to recommand me a tool to handle this.

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Answer from iMobie Team:

If you want to download song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5 you'll need a decent third party App like AnyTrans. That is because Apple iTunes doesn't have such a function to download song among devices. Although iCloud gets a big move to manage multiple devices at once, it still has high level of network dependency as well as other limits. That's the reason why you need this versatile iPhone, iPod, iPad Manager program - AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is made for managing iPhone/iPod/iPad content without iTunes limits. If you want to populate iPhone, iPad, iPod with music, movies, TV shows, music videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, iBooks, Audiobook, voice memo or ringtones, which require syncing through iTunes, you know how slow and tedious it can be. That’s why we brought about this all-in-one iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5 Transfer program.

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Can I Download Song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5 by Using AnyTrans

Download AnyTrans for free, get its setup and run it. After a little while, you can check its main interface as below picture. This transfer app is pretty easy to use so you don't have to make any prepare lessons.

Download Song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5

How to Use AnyTrans to Download Song

Step 1:
Connect your iPod classic 1G and iPhone 5 with computer via USB cables. AnyTrans will automatically load all media content on your devices and also iTunes library. You can also give it a check on how many free space remains. Learn how to get more space on iPhone iPad iPod touch

Step 2:
Click on the "Music" to enter the manage page.

Step 3:
At last, you can highlight target song files and click To Device option on the top of AnyTrans. To download song from iPod classic 1G to iPhone 5 will get done pretty soon (largely depends on the volume of files that you want to transfer).

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