How to Fix “Can’t Apporve iPhone” Issue

Some iPhone users have reported they can’t approve iPhone. This typical issue did bother a lot of iPhone owners. Don’t panic! This post will list 3 efficient ways to get you out of this problem.

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Some iPhone users have encountered iPhone keeps approving the device for a long time and won’t work out finally. This is really frustrating! But no worries, in this post we’ll give you 3 efficient ways to get out of this problem. And to figure out how would this happen as well.

Why Can’t Approve the iPhone?

This issue is quite normal if you turn on the two-factor authentication.  You will get a message which is asking you to “Go to one of your other devices signed into iCloud to approve this iPhone… Waiting for approval”. However, if your other devices didn’t support the two-factor authentication, you can’t get this to be done with. Some also tell this issue is due to the iCloud keychain. No matter what’s the reason for this can’t approve the iPhone problem. You can get rid of it via the methods list below.

Turn off Two-Factor Authentication

As mentioned above, this issue may be caused because of two-factor authentication. Therefore, here we suggest you should turn off two-factor authentication on your device.

Step 1. Cancel the Approve this iPhone message on the iPhone.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Click on Apple ID > Tap on the Password & Security > Find the Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 3. Turn off the Two-Factor Authentication. In this step, you need to reset your iPhone ID with different passwords. No data loss risk here.

After you turn off the two-factor authentication, you can go to the Settings. If this method works on your iPhone, your iPhone will be automatically approved. If not, you can go on reading and get the next methods to fix this problem.

Turn off the iCloud KeyChain

There are still other methods to try to get rid of this problem. Turn off the iCloud Keychain is one of them. iCloud Keychain has been storing your passwords which contains some disabled passcodes. Therefore, to turn off the iCloud keychain may solve this problem. Just give it a try via the following steps.

Step 1. Click on the Cancel button on the upper left corner on the Can’t approve iPhone screen.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Click on the Apple ID (You Name) > Choos the iCloud > Turn off the iCloud Keychain.

Step 3. After you reset the iCloud keychain, you can restart your iPhone.

Step 4. Go to the Settings > Tap on your name(Apple ID) > Click on the iCloud > Turn off you iCloud Keychain again.

Get out of This Issue via AnyFix

AnyFix – iOS System Repair is one kind of troubleshooting tool on iOS system and iTunes problems. It supports to fix over 130 iOS system issues and over 200 iTunes problems in a quick and easy way. So if your iPhone stays stuck on the approval screen, give AnyFix a try which won’t let your down.  The following steps are leading a troubleshooting tutorial.

Step 1. Download AnyFix and run it on your computer > connect your iPhone to the computer > choose the System Repair on the top.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

Step 2. Click on the 50+ iPhone Problems and then tap on the Start Now to go on.

How to Fix iPhone won't restore - Step 1

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix -Step 2

Step 3. Here will list 3 modes for you to fix the iPhone issue. Click on the Standard Repair which won’t risk any data loss.

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

Step 4. Minutes later, you will see the Repair Completed page on the screen.

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

How to Fix iOS System Issues with AnyFix

The Bottom Line

iPhone can’t-be-approved issue is quite common. Generally speaking, it can be solved through the methods mentioned above. As AnyFix helps lots of iPhone users out of system/iTunes issues, you can download it to have a try on any iPhone problems if you ever encountered.

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