How to Solve iTunes Error 53

iTunes error 53 is one of the iTunes restore issues. Want to find efficient ways to fix the error 53 code of iTunes? Follow and keep reading this post to learn what error 53 of iTunes is and how to fix it.

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If iTunes has encountered any problem during the updating, downloading, or restoring process, there are usually different numbers or codes to represent the various errors. For example, iTunes may show the iTunes error 8003, 3600, 2, etc. if iTunes has met the installation, download, or update error. iTunes error 4005, 9, 47, as well as many other error codes will pop up when iTunes has undergone any connection, backup, or restore errors. What’s more, there are also some sync and CDB errors as well. In this post, I will focus on how to fix the iTunes 53 error. Keep reading to get these effective ways.

What is iTunes Error 53?

iTunes 53 error code is a kind of error that appears when you try to restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. via iTunes, especially when the iOS version of your device is earlier than iOS 9.3. If your iTunes pops up the error 53 reminder, your iPad, iPhone may get bricked or stuck on frozen status. However, this error can be fixed. The below will give you some excellent solutions, follow it to fix this problem with ease.

Method 1. Fix iTunes Error via a Qualified iTunes Repair Software

The simplest solution to fix any iTunes or iOS devices error is to use a professional iTunes and iOS troubleshooter to solve all of the problems. Here, I’d like to recommend AnyFix—iOS System Recovery, a professional iOS and iTunes repair tool to fix over 200+ iTunes errors and various iPhone, iPad, iPod issues with only several simple clicks to you.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

With such a professional and qualified iOS and iTunes repair software, you are able to fix all kinds of iPhone/iPad/iTunes, etc. issues you may encounter in daily life, such as iPhone won’t update on iTunes, update to new iOS without iTunes as well as many other issues.

Step 1. Download AnyFix and launch it on your PC > select iTunes Repair option.

Click on iTunes Repair

Click on iTunes Repair

Step 2. Select iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore Error on the left side of the software > click Scan Now option.

Select the Error Type to Fix

Select the Error Type to Fix

Step 3. After AnyFix scanned and checked the errors your iTunes encountered, you need to authorize AnyFix to fix your iTunes. Afterward, you shall need to wait for a few seconds to enable AnyFix to complete its repair of the iTunes.

Repair Completed

Repair Completed

Method 2: Updating the iOS Version of your Devices

Actually, the iOS version before iOS 9.3 has some bugs which lead to the iTunes 53 error when connecting the iPhone to iTunes to restore. According to the report in terms of the error 53 before, we know that this error was caused by the problem of the Touch ID sensor in the iOS devices’ home button like the Phone, iPad, etc. After this error occurs, Apple released the new iOS version to fix this problem. Therefore, when you encounter the iTunes 53 error, you can try to update the iOS version of your device.

However, after the 53 error occurs, if you are not able to update your iOS devices through iTunes anymore, you are able to follow the post of how to update the iPhone without iTunes to solve this problem. Or you can follow the below steps to update the iOS version via your iPhone, iPad, etc.

The following will show you how to update iOS on iPhone. Follow it to learn the detailed steps.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, press Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click General option, then select Software Update option.

Step 3. If there is any new iOS version available, you are able to download and install it so as to successfully update the iOS.

Update iOS to Fix iTunes Error

Update iOS to Fix iTunes Error

Method 3. Update/Reinstall iTunes

If you still can’t fix the error 53 after you have upgraded the iOS generation of your devices, you would better reinstall the iTunes on your computer or upgrade it so as to ensure that the iTunes you are using to restore your iPhone, iPad, etc. is the latest version. Don’t know how to update iTunes? Follow the below steps to easily upgrade it.

For both Mac and Windows users: To update iTunes on your computer, you can directly download and install the latest version from the Apple official website.

For Mac users: Check App store on your Mac, if there are any updates available, it will show on the top of the App store, then you can directly update it.

For the Windows users: You can install the newly released version of iTunes on the Microsoft store as well.

Update iTunes via iTunes: Find the Help option on the menu bar of iTunes, and then choose Check for Updates from the drop-list options of the Help button. If there is the new iTunes version available, just download and install it.

Update iTunes to Fix iTunes Error

Update iTunes to Fix iTunes Error

The Bottom Line

This post has introduced what is the iTunes 53 error and briefed you on 3 effective methods to fix the iTunes error 53. From my perspective, I think that the simplest solution to fix this error is via AnyFix which only needs several clicks. Lastly, I would like to remind you that before restoring your iPhone, iPad, and other devices via iTunes, you’d better back up your devices at first so as to avoid data loss for some unexpected errors.

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