How to Backup and Restore Kik Messages on iPhone

If you are looking for an app that lets you backup and restore messages for the Kik app on your device, the following guide has got some great apps for you to check out. Read on to find out what those apps are and how they can help you.

Bella Miller Last Updated: Apr. 08, 2020
Backup and Restore for Kik

Backup and Restore for Kik

If you live in the Apple ecosystem, you would have noticed that the most thrown around the word is backup. Whether it is iPhone’s iTunes backup or iCloud backup, you have to have a backup of your data that you can restore when things go south. Backing up Kik messages is as important as backing up any other items.

If you have never backed up your messages and you are not sure how to backup and restore your Kik messages, the following guide will be of great use to you. It explains what apps you can use to backup and restore your Kik messages on your iPhone. What’s more, the apps covered in the guide are extremely easy to use so you will not have to run elsewhere to get your tasks done.

How to Backup Kik Messages on iPhone

Whether you are switching phones, deleting all the content on your current phone, or you just wish to keep your data secure, creating a backup of your Kik messages is really useful. Once a full backup of your data is created, you can restore it anytime you want on any of your devices. The main question, though, is how do you do the backup and restore task for the Kik app on your iPhone? The answer is AnyTrans for iOS.

AnyTrans for iOS is an application that works on Windows and Mac machines and allows you to backup almost all the data including Kik messages on your iOS device. Using the app, you can get all of your Kik messages backed up in a matter of a few seconds. The following are the features you will be able to use once you get the app on your computer.

  • Selectively backup messages from the Kik app on your iPhone.
  • Backup all the Kik messages at once using a few clicks.
  • Transfer messages from your iPhone over to your Windows or Mac.
  • Backup Kik messages using both wireless connection and USB connection.
  • Create a full backup of your iPhone including your Kik messages.

As you can see, the app has pretty much everything to help you backup your Kik messages as well as many other types of files on your iPhone.

How to Restore Kik Messages on iPhone

If you have finished switching from one device to another, the first thing you will want to do is restore your Kik messages on your new iPhone. The restoration process should not take longer than a few minutes if you used the aforementioned app to create a backup of your Kik messages.

AnyTrans for iOS makes restoring Kik messages as easier as backing them up on your iPhone. If your backup was created using this app, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and select the messages you would like to restore on your iPhone. The app will take care of the rest of the procedure for you and restore all of your Kik messages on your iOS device. It will only take a few seconds to restore your Kik messages using the AnyTrans for iOS app. Once the messages are restored, you should be able to view them in the Kik app on your iPhone.

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The Bottom Line

If you are looking for ways to backup and restore Kik messages on an iPhone, the above guide will help you out by providing you with a great app that makes all of your tasks easier on your iPhone. We hope the guide helps you out.

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