iPhone 12 Mini Got Problem When Unlocking the Screen

Don’t know what can you do when you can’t unlock the screen properly for the new iPhone 12 mini? Read this post and find some ideas.

Author Avatar Roger Smith Last Updated: Jan. 21, 2022

Is anyone else having intermittent touchscreen issues with their iPhone 12 mini where it randomly won’t register touch input?

According to Mixpanel Trends, about 11% of people bought or changed their phone to the iPhone 12 series. And iPhone 12 users have reported many problems yet. Recently, people found that their new iPhone 12 mini lock screen can’t respond as normal. More users from Reddit also reported the same issue. If you also got the touch screen sensitivity issue or swiping up to unlock is visible or not, this post will give you some ideas.

Get Help with the Lock Screen Sensitivity

Try to Remove your Case and Screen Protector

Many users said that they got an iPhone case and screen protector, so the lock screen doesn’t detect the swipe up properly. And when some of them took those things off, iPhone lock screen works. And if you don’t iPhone screen get naked, you must try another way to unlock it.

Try to Access Home Screen via Camera

If you got an issue with swipe up to unlock, then you can try to unlock by tapping on the Camera app: Press the Camera button from the lock screen > Shoot one photo casually > Click All Photos from the top-right corner > Then iPhone will give you a chance to unlock iPhone with Passcode or Face ID.

Try to Change your Live Wallpaper

Besides, some users reported that when a live wallpaper applied, the lock screen is unresponsive. So if you also set a live wallpaper and got the touch sensitivity issues, try to change your wallpaper or switch it to a still one.

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Wait for the Next iOS Update

Finally, if accessing via camera or torch and changing live wallpaper are not working at all, then it could be a software bug. And someone thinks that there’s no way he’s going without a case or screen protector. Then, you may wait for the next iOS update. Till now, Apple has released iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2. iOS 14 adoption is quickly outpacing iOS 13 after it was released one month. Hopefully, the newly iOS 14.3 can fix the problem.

At the same time, you can send feedback to Apple to report your specific situation.

Good News! iOS 14.2.1 fixed lock screen could become unresponsive on iPhone 12 mini and other two iPhone 12 issues. Now update the iOS version for your iPhone 12 mini! 

iOS 14.2.1 was released on 19 Nov. 2020, and available for iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini.

iOS 14.2.1 addresses the following issues for your iPhone:

  • Some MMS messages may not be received.
  • Made for iPhone hearing devices could have sound quality issues when listening to audio from iPhone.
  • Lock Screen could become unresponsive on iPhone 12 mini.

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The Bottom Line

If you changed a new iPhone mini 12 and got the same issue with touch screen sensitivity, hope this post can give you some ideas. Besides, If you found any iOS 14 issues you’ve ever met, feel free to leave your comments below and we will try to help you.

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