How to Recover Deleted Files/Data on iPhone XR

When you inadvertently removed some important data from your iPhone XR, you must be want to get them back immediately. Methods in this post will show you how to retrieve deleted data on iPhone XR without effort.

By iMobie | Posted on: Dec. 25, 2018, Last Updated: Dec. 25, 2018

More and more users getting an iPhone XR this year and using it to store lots of valuable data files with its large storage, like messages, iMessage, WhatsApp data, contacts, photos, App data, videos, call logs, documents for work and other irreplaceable stuff. Whereas these contents mean a lot to iPhone XR users, it is recommended to back your iPhone XR regularly. Nevertheless, data loss generally happens in a flash so that you even have no chance to make a full backup.

If the disaster happens to you, don’t worry, there are 5 useful methods about iPhone XR data recovery will show you how to recover deleted data from iPhone XR, no matter you have a backup or not.

Method 1: Directly Recover Deleted Data from iPhone XR [without Backup]

As we said before, data loss often occurs in the blink of an eye, thus most likely you have no time to back up your iPhone XR files. So, there is no denying that this is the worst situation – lost data and without any backup. Hence we talking about how to recover deleted data on iPhone XR without a backup at the very beginning.

To perform iPhone XR data recovery without any backup, the ultimate efficient method is to use iPhone data recovery tools. PhoneRescue for iOS data recovery, as one of the best iOS data recovery, which dedicates to help iPhone users find and retrieve deleted data from the phone directly.

Why it makes the data recovery successful? That is because when a file deleted from your iPhone, it will be marked as deleted and go invisible stayed in somewhere of your phone waiting to be replaced by newly generated data. Only professional data recovery tools can help you find and recover the deleted data before they been erased.

Steps to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR Directly

Step 1 Launch PhoneRescue and connect your iPhone XR.

Download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your Mac or PC computer, then connect your iPhone XR with its USB cable and select Recover from iOS Device mode afterward.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup - Step 1

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup – Step 1

Step 2 Scan your iPhone XR.

Select the type of data you lost and click the OK button to proceed.

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup - Step 2

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup – Step 2

Step 3 Preview and select the deleted files to recover.

After scanning your iPhone XR, all the deleted and current data on your iPhone XR will be listed by categories. Preview and select the files you want to recover and then click the To Device button to put them back to your iPhone XR directly, also, you can save them to your computer for preservation by clicking the To Computer button.

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup - Step 3

How to Retrieve Data from iPhone XR without Backup – Step 3

If PhoneRescue failed to find out the deleted data that means the deleted data has been overwritten, not only PhoneRescue, but other data recovery tools won’t be able to get them back. So, once data loss happened, stop using the phone and act right away.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Data from iPhone XR via iTunes Backup

Some lucky dogs may make a backup before they meet loss data during iOS update or other cases. If so, you can perform iPhone XR data recovery with an iTunes or iCloud backup. Recover deleted iPhone XR data from iCloud, please go to Method 3.

When it comes to recovering deleted data from iTunes backup, most users will think of using iTunes offered by Apple. But you know that restoring iPhone from backup with iTunes has two obviously drawbacks: the entirely whole backup content restoring, the backup content will replace all the current data and restore iPhone to factory settings at the same time. Thus why more and more users prefer another restoring method – using best iOS data extractor.

Followings are the detailed tutorials on each method, select the one you prefer most.

Selectively Recover iPhone XR Data from iTunes Backup >

Restore Data from iTunes Backup by Restoring iPhone XR >

Method 3: Recover Deleted Data from iPhone XR via iCloud Backup

Similar to restoring from iTunes backup, restoring from iCloud backup also has the unavoidable drawbacks. So, here still comes 2 options for you to recover deleted data on iPhone XR via iCloud.

Selectively Retrieve iPhone XR Data from iCloud Backup >

Restore Data from iCloud Backup by Resetting iPhone XR >

The Bottom Line

As you can see from above, actually, there are 5 methods in this guide to help you recover deleted data on iPhone XR. Compared with restoring from iTunes or iCloud, restoring with PhoneRescue is easy to do and bring more convenience. No matter which method you’re going to choose, hope you can recover the deleted iPhone XR data files as soon as possible. If you prefer iOS data recovery, just give a try on PhoneRescue >


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