Apple TV App 2019: Some Basic Information

If you are not sure what the new Apple TV app is and how to use it on your devices, this guide sheds lights on this famous app by Apple and teaches you how to use it on your various devices.

Bella Miller Last Updated: Mar. 17, 2020

Unless you have been an Android or any other OS user your whole life, you will likely be familiar with some of the stock apps that come preloaded on the iOS devices. If you have ever used an iPhone or iPad, you have likely seen many of the default apps on the Home screen of the device. These apps are developed by Apple itself and these often get new updates and features.

One of these apps is Apple TV. And if you do not find this app on your springboard, it is likely you are running an iOS version older than iOS 12.3. Once you update your device to this latest version of iOS, you will find that the Videos app takes a new name of Apple TV.

The Apple TV app offers a number of options to let you enjoy multimedia content on your iOS and certain other devices. It is one heck of an app that should cover most of your media requirements and it is definitely worth giving the app a try on your devices. We show you how to do just that in the following guide for you.

What is Apple TV App

The Apple TV app was called Videos in earlier versions of iOS. With the roll out of iOS 12.3, though, the name of the Videos app changed to Apple TV. Not only did Apple change the name of the app but they introduced a number of new features in the app for its users.

So if you have an up to date iOS-based devices such as an iPhone or iPad, you will see the Apple TV app right on your Home screen ready to launch. When you launch the app, you are introduced to numerous new features and multimedia options you can now enjoy on your device.

What is Apple TV App

What is Apple TV App

Also, the app is not only available for iOS devices but it works on some of the TV models by Samsung as well. As long as you have a compatible TV that supports the Apple TV app, you can run the app and enjoy the content on your large screen.

What’s New in Apple TV App

If you are here to find out what are the cool new features in the Apple TV app for your devices, you would be extremely happy to know that you now have tons of new features to play around with in the app.

The latest version of the Apple TV app brings with it features like Channel subscriptions that let you subscribe to your favorite channels. Also, it brings with it a new user-friendly interface so you do not get confused or lost while trying to find your favorite episodes to watch.

What’s New in Apple TV App

What’s New in Apple TV App

The best way to find out what is new in the app is to access the app for yourself on your device. Then explore all of the features it comes packed with and you might just discover something that you have always been looking to have in the app.

How Does Apple TV App Work

If you are curious and you wish to know how the Apple TV app works, we have you covered. The Apple TV app, in most terms, works just like any other app on your device. All you do is launch the app and select the content you want to watch. However, where it differs is how it lets you play various media files on your devices.

With the new Channels subscription feature, you can subscribe to a streaming TV service and that will give you access to the live shows of that particular channel. There are a number of channels for you to choose from if you wish to subscribe to one or a few on your devices.

How Does Apple TV App Work

How Does Apple TV App Work

Though you may want to keep in mind that subscribing to each channel requires a fee to be paid which should be shown to you when you try to subscribe.

Once you have subscribed to a channel, you will be able to tap on it in the app to play its content. The channel should start playing and you can watch it for as long as you want and until your subscription expires. If you are new to the app, you can go for a trial subscription, which in most cases, will let you watch a channel for free for a week. The app also lets you play local content should you want to do it.

What Can I Do on New Apple TV App

There are tons of things you can do in the new Apple TV app on your iOS device or your TV. If you like watching TV channels, you can opt-in for a channel subscription and watch your favorite content on your device.

Movie lovers can rent movies in the built-in store in the app. There are many titles to choose from in various genres. You can also access your purchased content in the Library section of the app. Here you will find all the content you have purchased so far and you can play it in the TV app on your device.

The Bottom Line

Apple TV has made it seamless to watch content on your iOS devices as well as your Smart TVs. You can pick up content on one device and then access it on your other devices. The updated Apple TV app now gives you access to more features than before so you are never short of multimedia content on your devices.

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