How to Connect Two AirPods to One iPhone in iOS 13

If you would like to listen to your iPhone’s audio on two AirPods, the following post will teach you how to connect two AirPods on an iOS 13 running iPhone. Check out the full guide to learn to enjoy music on two sets of AirPods at the same time.

Roger Smith Last Updated: Apr. 17, 2020


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iOS 13 has been a really significant update for iOS-based devices as this update has brought with it numerous changes and new features. Some of the new features the update includes are the new dark mode, improved camera features, Shortcuts, and lastly the ability to use two AirPods at the same time.

Up until iOS 12, you could only use a single pair of AirPods with your iPhone. However, after updating to the iOS 13, you will be able to use two sets of AirPods at the same time as your iPhone. That means you will be able to listen to the same audio on both of your AirPods simultaneously.

This lets you share your music tracks with your friends, watch movies together, and do pretty much everything that includes audio. In order to use the feature on your devices, you are going to need to make sure yours is one of the compatible devices for this feature. The following guide tells you how to find it and how to actually use the feature.

Device Compatible with the New Feature

Not all of the iPhone models support the new dual-AirPods feature and you must have one of the following devices to be able to use two AirPods at any given time with your device.

  • iPhone 8 and later
  • iPad Pro first-gen and later
  • iPad Air third-gen and later
  • iPad mini fifth-gen and later
  • iPod touch seventh-gen and later

Once you have made sure you have a compatible device, you can use the steps given in the following section to connect two of your AirPods to your iPhone or any other compatible iOS device.

Connecting Two AirPods to One iPhone in iOS 13

It is extremely easy to connect multiple audio devices to an iPhone running iOS 13. It is because the newer iOS update has made it a whole lot easier to connect audio devices to iOS-based devices.

If you have both your AirPods handy with you and you are ready to make the connection, the following shows how to connect two AirPods to one iPhone that runs iOS 13.

Step 1. Make sure your first pair of AirPods has connected to your iPhone already. If it is not, connect it first using the standard connection method.

Step 2. To connect the second pair of AirPods to your iPhone, open the case of your AirPods and bring it closer to your iPhone. You will see a prompt on your iPhone saying the AirPods are not yours but you can connect to them. In this prompt, tap on the option that says Connect to establish a connection.

Pair the second set of AirPods with the iPhone

Pair the second set of AirPods with the iPhone

Step 3. You will find that your second set of AirPods is now connected to your iPhone. Your iPhone will also show the battery level for both of your AirPods. Tap on Done at the bottom to exit the prompt.

Complete pairing AirPods with the iPhone

Complete pairing AirPods with the iPhone

Play Music on Both Connected AirPods on iPhone

Now that both of your AirPods are paired to your iPhone, it is time to play music and listen to it on both the AirPods. This can be done from the Control Center menu on your iPhone and the following shows exactly how you do it.

Step 1. Open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap on the Now Playing widget followed by the AirPlay icon.

Step 2. You will see both of your AirPods listed in the Headphones section on your screen. There will be a checkmark in the box next to the first AirPod. What you need to do is put a checkmark in the box for second AirPods as well.

Enable audio routing for the second set of AirPods on the iPhone

Enable audio routing for the second set of AirPods on the iPhone

Once you do that, your iPhone will start outputting your music to both of your AirPods and not only just the primary one. You are now ready to watch your favorite series and/or movies together, listen to your favorite music tracks, and even hear game sounds.

The Bottom Line

iOS 13 allows two AirPods to be used at the same time and our guide above shows how you can connect two AirPods to your iPhone at once and listen to music on both the AirPods. We hope it teaches you to learn one of the new features of iOS 13 and makes it easier to listen to audio together with your friends.

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