How to Customize Your Name and Photo in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

This post will introduce how to set and share your profile photo and display name in Messages, you can follow the steps and find more with iMessage.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jun. 04, 2020

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 released several new features about Messages app, like new Memoji customization options, Search enhancements, new Memoji sticker packs, and send iMessages with more screen effects.

Besides, Apple’s Messages have more social features from iOS 13. You can edit Memoji and add personalized stickers into emoji keyboard of social networking software. And now you will find that editing your name and photo in Messages is available like other instant messaging apps. In this post, we’re going to showing you how to set up your iMessage avatar and share it with your contacts and friends.

Part 1: Set-Up/Change Your Name and Photo in Messages

An avatar in a social networking app must be the first impression when you don’t know someone. You can set any one of your photos, including portrait, scenery, or animal as your profile photo. However, as a secure and encrypted app, Messages lets people set a profile picture and display name until iOS 13.

Here’s how to customize your profile photo under new features of Messages app:

Method 1. Set Up Your Name and Photo From Messages App

Step 1: Open Messages and tap three dots icon on the top-right.

Step 2: Click Edit Name and Photo to view options.

Step 3: Tap the text fields to edit your name, and then click Edit under image circle.

Step 4: Then you can choose a photo from All Photos, or tap “+” to create a new Animoji/Memoji image.

Step 5: Tap Done to finish your new profile photo.

Set Up Your Name and Photo From Messages App

Set Up Your Name and Photo From Messages App

Method 2. Set Up Your Name and Photo From Settings

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Messages.

Step 2: Click Share Name and Photo.

Step 3: Tap the text fields to edit your name, and then click Edit under image circle.

Step 4: Then you can choose a photo or an Animoji/Memoji image like Method 1.

Step 5: Tap Done to finish your new profile photo.

Set Up Your Name and Photo From Settings

Set Up Your Name and Photo From Settings

Part 2: Share Your Name and Photo With Others

After you set up your profile photo, you can customize who can see these personal details or just automatically shared. Here’s how to enable name and photo sharing function:

Back to Step 3 page in Method 1 and 2, here you can turn Name and Photo Sharing off if you don’t want to share it with anyone. Or toggle this button green to choose one option.

Contacts Only means that your name and photo will be automatically shared with people in your contacts every time when you send a message.

Always Ask means that you will be prompted before an updated name and photo are shared.

The first time when you finished setting up Name and Photo Sharing, a message saying “Use This Photo Everywhere?” pops up as below. You can choose “Not Now” or “Use” to decide whether to update your profile photo with your Apple ID and My Card in Contacts.

Whether to Use Updated Photo Everywhere?

Use This Photo Everywhere?

If you find your Name and Photo Sharing is not available, please check whether you used the same account and signed in both iCloud and iMessage (the phone number associated to your Apple ID must be the same as iMessage).

Check your iCloud account from Settings > Your Name > Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

Check your iMessage account from Settings > Messages > iMessage > Send & Receive. And also you can remove your phone number from iMessage on iPhone, iPad or Mac from here.

The Bottom Line

With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can set up and share your name and photo in iMessage, and customize who and where you can see this profile. Sharing your name and photo may make the conversation more personal and people can manage contact easier. Alternatively, if you have different opinions or you’re having a problem with this new iMessage update, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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