iPhone 2019: Top 10 Features in Apple’s New iPhone 11

If you’re wondering what’s new on iPhone 11, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll get to know about top 10 features to explore on Apple’s new iPhone 11.

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Whenever Apple comes up with a new iPhone, you get a chance to explore new and advanced features. It is expected that Apple is going to release a new iPhone 11 or iPhone X1 in the fall of 2019. Even though Apple has provided no official news about new iPhones, the rumor going around is stated to provide us a picture of what you can expect from the newest devices from Apple.

Apple’s New iPhone 11

Apple’s New iPhone 11

Probably, iPhone 11 will come up with new iOS 13 and so, you’re going to have all features and functionalities that iOS 13 own. Here, in this article, we’re going to tell you the top 10 new features you can expect from iPhone 2019.

1. Triple-Lens Cameras

If we talk about what biggest change you’re going to explore in the new iPhone 11, then it will probably be the camera setup. Since last year, many users have been hearing and expecting that Apple would provide at least one of the iPhone models with triple-lens cameras. To keep Apple in the ongoing race of lens-and-megapixel arms with Google, Samsung, and Huawei, the new range of iPhone models will have wide-angle shots capacity.

iPhone 2019: Triple-lens Rear Cameras

iPhone 2019: Triple-lens Rear Cameras

According to some source, Apple was planning to come up with a triple-lens and ultra-wide rear-facing camera system in each of its 6.5 and 5.8-inch models. Thus, you will be enabled to take a much wider area with new iPhone camera and also, allows a boarder range of zoom. As per Kuo, Apple is planning to go a little bit farther than other smartphones three rear-facing cameras, offering its users with 123-degree field-of-view.

2. Bilateral Wireless Charging

Earlier this year, Apple official eradicated its AirPower wireless charging mat and eventually, it left us to hang with 3rd-party solutions for powering up our AirPods and iPhones. But, the good news is that new iPhone models will provide support for bilateral charging as per the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Thus, what does bilateral charging do? It enables a device capable of getting a wireless charging signal to utilize its integrated technology to transfer its own battery capacity to another phone. In simple words, devices with bilateral charging support can wirelessly charge other devices. It clearly means that you’ll be able to use your iDevice’s battery to share some battery capacity with other iPhones using the wireless charging case.

Bilateral Wireless Charging

Bilateral Wireless Charging

It is one of the best iPhone 11 new features you can expect in this fall. If it turns out to be true, then Apple will again enter into the race to give competition to Samsung devices – Galaxy S10 that can charge other devices using the wireless Qi standard.

Also, it is expected that each of the new iPhone models will come up with larger batteries and thus, probably leading to improved battery life.

3. AI3 Processor – Improved Performance

The A12 Bionic chip powering the 2018 iPhones is powerful, without a doubt. Last year, Apple said that this chip in the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR offered almost 15% speed boost from its previous generation of iPhones.

iPhone 2019 – A13 Processor

iPhone 2019 – A13 Processor

And the new neutral engine of the processor could complete5 trillion computations per second. The ongoing rumors are telling us that new iPhones will come up with A13 processor. It means that you can expect more speed boost on your iPhones from its previous generations.

4. A Fully-Functional Web Browser

Safari on new iPhone 11 will come up with an updated start page that further features your frequently visited websites, favorite’s websites, and most recently visited websites. Also, it shows up relevant websites as per your browsing history, and Siri recommended content.

There will be a new View menu in the Smart Search field that provides up to access to text size options, pre-site settings, and Reader view. With pre-site settings, you’ll be able to adjust the camera, location access and microphone for each website right away from your Safari browser. In addition to pre-site settings, you can control desktop/mobile view, and allows you to turn on content blockers for each website.

iPhone 2019 - A Fully-Functional Web Browser

iPhone 2019 – A Fully-Functional Web Browser

Uploading the photo on Safari from new iPhone will enable you to select to resize your picture to small, medium, large or actual size before uploading it. There will be also new page zoom features, you will be able to save your opened tabs as bookmarks and you can directly jump to any open tab from the browser search field.

On the new iPhone 11, there will be new Safari browser privacy enhancements. In other words, if you attempt to use a weak password when registering for a site account, then the browser will alert you. The best feature you could get on new iPhone models is iCloud logins in the browser with Touch ID or Face ID. The last but not the least new feature will be introduced in Safari is download manager that provides you a way to monitor the status of data you’re downloading.

5. Cycle Tracking

Another new feature that you will explore is Cycle Tracking for women and it is introduced to enable tracking of menstrual cycle data. This will have entry options for symptoms such as cramps, and headaches, flow level, and ovulation test results.

iPhone 2019 - Cycle Tracking

iPhone 2019 – Cycle Tracking

There will be period prediction feature as well as fertile window prediction along with the period alerts or notifications for when you may get your next period. The app will log a complete cycle history and there will be cycle statistics like typical cycle length, period length, cycle length variation, etc.

6. Maps New Look Around Feature

With new iPhone 11, you will get to explore a completely new Maps app that will have enhanced detailing for beaches, parks, buildings, roads and so on. There will be so many new features you will get to discover on new iPhones. But, look around feature will be the best one amongst all. It is similar to Google’s street view and provides a street-level view of whatever is around you or what you will look for in the Maps app.

Maps New Look Around Feature

Maps New Look Around Feature

You will be able to use the Look Around feature in the main Apple Maps view whenever the pair of binoculars are displayed. Clicking that probes into a close-up street view of the location in a little card that you can click to use the feature full screen.

7. New Dark Mode

New iPhone models will probably look like the same as its previous generation, but with one remarkable exception and it is a new systemwide Dark mode feature. It will change the whole look of your device, and it will dark everything from the wallpaper to the in-build Apple apps.

New Dark Mode

New Dark Mode

New wallpapers on new iPhone 11 will be optimized for Dark mode feature automatically chance you make a switch between light and dark. You will be able to turn this feature on from Control Center or from settings also. There will also be an option that let you schedule Dark Mode feature to enable and disable on a customized schedule or at sunset/sunrise on basis of your local time.

8. Sign-in With Apple

Sign-in With Apple will be a new privacy-focused alternative way to already existing sign-in options like Google, Facebook, and Twitter that are introduced to enable you to use your existing accounts to easily sign-in to other services and apps.

This new feature works just like Twitter, Facebook and Google sign-in options, but with a significant distinction and it is that Apple will not track you when you’re using the feature.

With Apple

With Apple

You can use this feature to log-in into several websites and apps quickly with your already exiting Apple ID so that you don’t have to create a new login email address or name. The Sign-in with Apple feature will be authenticated through Touch ID or Face ID. Moreover, your information will be protected with 2-factor authentication.

9. Find My

There will be new Find My app combining the prior Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into one app so to make easier for you to locate both your friends and devices. The app will work like the previous ones – Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps, providing up your device as well as friends locations.

iPhone 11 - Find My Feature

iPhone 11 – Find My Feature

However, there will be a useful feature that allows you to find a missing or stolen phone if it doesn’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

10. Photos

On a new iPhone 2019, there will be an all-new Photos tab that allows you to browse your photo library with different curation levels so that you can easily find, share, relive your pictures or videos. There will be auto-playing live videos and photos.

New iPhone Photos Feature

New iPhone Photos Feature

The best feature that you’re sure to going to love it is the eradication of similar shots. New iPhone models will identify and hide duplicate screenshots, photos and receipts so that you view only your best shots.

In the Photos app, there will be new +/- icon at the top that enables you to zoom in and out of your Photos tab. Also, you can zoom in/out via pinch gestures.

More importantly, the main Photos tab in the Photos app on the new iPhone will have a completely new look in the new iPhone. There will be new options to see images organized by year, month and day.

The Bottom Line

These could be iPhone 11 new features. Considering all these things, it’s not wrong to state that Apple is about to bring whole new functionality in its new iPhones. If Apple follows previous trends, the new iPhone is expected to be released in the fall of 2019.

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