How to Fix iTunes Music Download Stuck on Waiting

Encountered with “iTunes music download stuck on waiting” issue? Refer to this guide as here we have mentioned probable solutions that can fix the problem for you.

iMobie Last Updated: Aug. 24, 2020

My iTunes download is stuck on processing and has been for days .. What do I do?? Please help! 🙂

– An iPhone user from Apple Community

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most frustrating issues when you stuck in the download process and progress bar just keep on moving or stuck somewhere. Recently, several users complained about this similar issue that iTunes not downloading songs. There can be many reasons why this is happening such as a slow Internet connection, or sometimes third-party apps can cause the problem. However, whatever the reason is, there are some solutions that you can try to come out of this issue.

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Here, we have listed several solutions that can fix the problem. Must try the below-mentioned solutions and maybe you will be able to download desired songs from iTunes.

Solution 1: Restart your Download

The first solution you can try to fix this issue is to restart the download. Here are steps on how to restart your download.

On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

Step 1. Run iTunes Store app on your iDevice. After that, if you are using iPhone or iPod Touch, click on three dots and then, click on “Download”. On iPad, simply click on “Downloads”.

Step 2. If any message is prompted for sign-in then enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 3. Next, look for the song you want to restart and click on “Blue Download Arrow”.

Restart your Download on iDevice

Restart your Download on iDevice

On Mac/PC:

Step 1. Run iTunes and then, login with your Apple ID and password if you are not signed in.

Step 2. Next, click on the “Account” option from the menu bar and then, choose “Check for Available Downloads” option.

Step 3. If downloads are available then it will restart downloads automatically.

Restart your Download On Mac/PC

Restart your Download On Mac/PC

Solution 2: Check Internet Connection

Make sure that you are using a stable and good Wi-Fi connection. A slow connection can cause you to face problems while downloading songs from iTunes Store. You can try out a different Wi-Fi network or can restart your Wi-Fi router. And another thing you need to make sure that if there are any firmware updates are available for your Wi-Fi router then install and update it first. Otherwise, this can also be the reason that the download process gets stuck.

Solution 3: Restart your iDevice and Computer

Still, iTunes downloads waiting? Then, another effective solution you can try is simply restarting your iDevice and computer. It will give a fresh start to your device/computer and then, start your device from scratch. Fortunately, many minor software issues get resolved by restarting.

On iPhone 8/ iPhone X or later:

Step 1. Press and hold down either volume up or down and the side button at the same time until you don’t see the power-off slider.

Step 2. Next, drag the slider to switch off the device. Then, press and hold down the side button until you don’t see the Apple logo.

On iPhone 7 or earlier/ iPad:

Step 1. Hold down the power button until you don’t see the power-off slider.

Step 2. Thereafter, drag the slider to turn off the iDevice. Then, hold down the side button until you don’t see the Apple logo.

Solution 4: Update your iDevice/Mac or PC Software

Also, make sure that you have updated your iDevice to the latest iOS version. Sometimes, the outdated version can cause many problems like you are facing now. Also, check for updates on your Mac or PC. Update if any software on your computer got the next update. If any software issue is persisting on your iDevice or Mac/PC then you can resolve it by updating.

On iDevice:

Step 1. Run the Settings app and then, navigate to the “General” settings.

Step 2. Next, click on “Software Update” and if the next IOS version is available for your iDevice then download and install it to update your iDevice software.

Update your iDevice

Update your iDevice

On Mac:

Step 1. Go to the Apple menu and then, move to “System Preferences”.

Step 2. Here, click on “Software Update” to check for updates available. Click on “Update Now” button to install the next update.

Update your Mac

Update your Mac

This solution will also update the iTunes store app on your iDevice. If the next version of iTunes is available on Mac then it will also be installed automatically.

Solution 5: Repair iTunes

If the above methods didn’t work at all or you want a one-stop solution, there is a way to repair your iTunes and solve the problem you’ve met. It is called AnyFix, which is a complete iTunes repairing tool to fix 200+ iTunes errors, including iTunes download/update, connection/backup/restore, sync/CDB errors. So whenever you’re suffering iTunes music not downloading, iTunes is taking so long to download, even it won’t open or other more issues, AnyFix will help you with a few clicks.

Next, get the latest version of AnyFix on your computer and you can fix iTunes won’t download songs by repairing iTunes.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch AnyFix and click iTunes Repair.

Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage

Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage

Step 2. Choose Installation/Download/Update Errors from iTunes Repair list. And click Scan Now. It will start scanning process.

Choose Installation/Download/Update Errors

Choose Installation/Download/Update Errors

Step 3. Once the scanning process finished, you will see the iTunes problems you’ve got. Just click Fix Now button and follow the on-screen guide to finish repairing.

Solution 6: Un-install Third-Party Apps or Firewall

Have you installed third-party apps that are not compatible with your device software? Or do you have Anti-virus software installed on your Mac/PC? Then, you need to uninstall apps or software because they can also be the reason that makes you go through iTunes not downloading songs issue. The apps or software can block the download process and thus, it is better to uninstall them to carry out the download process smoothly.

The Bottom Line

That’s all on how to fix iTunes music download stuck on waiting. This guide has covered all possible solutions to come out of this problem. Try out the above-mentioned solutions so that you can able to download your desired songs from iTunes store without facing any trouble.


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