Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone

Android Phone or Google Drive Backup to iPhone

No matter you want to transfer WhatsApp data from your current Android phone or from a Google Drive backup, feel free to make the transfer as you wish.

Move Your WhatsApp Data Completely at One Go

Migrate WhatsApp messages, together with photos, videos, documents, and all other files at one go. Then, you can pick up your chats on iPhone where you left off.

Android Phones of All Brands Get Covered

With AnyTrans, you can move WhatsApp data from any Android phone of any manufacturer in the market, as long as it’s running Android 5.0 and above.

Simple, Safe, and Straightforward

No need to reset iPhone before moving WhatsApp, so no risk of losing any current data on iPhone. No skills are required. You can make the transfer in a few clicks.

Better Manage and Fully Enjoy Your iPhone in Daily Use with AnyTrans

More than just for one-time use of transferring WhatsApp data, AnyTrans is designed to save you all the hassles in managing your iPhone in future daily use.

Back Up iPhone Automatically and Wirelessly It’s vital yet painful to make backups regularly in case of unexpected data loss. To keep you safe and easy, AnyTrans can back up your iPhone automatically and wirelessly at your scheduled frequency.

Turn Your Favorite Song into iPhone’s Ringtone With AnyTrans, you can turn any portion from any music into a ringtone, and then save it straight to your iPhone in a click. Freely pick your unique ringtones that express your inner self.

Batch Manage Your Apps in A More Efficient Way Whether you want to download, install, update, or uninstall iOS apps, don’t have to do each app one by one - manage them in bulk with AnyTrans. You'll save a huge amount of time and effort.

Not Just WhatsApp, Cover All Data You Need Daily Apart from WhatsApp, you can also transfer photos, music, messages, or any piece of data you need between your iPhone and computer, by simple drag and drop. Also, from Android to iPhone if you want.

They All Trust AnyTrans for A Reason

Go Get AnyTrans®

Transfer your WhatsApp messages and files from Android to iPhone now with AnyTrans, and better enjoy your iPhone in an easier way.

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