MacClean Online Guide

Here you can find all detailed tutorials to clean up junk files, malicious cookies, potential risks and use versatile tools to optimize Mac performance and protect your privacy.

Part 1: Get Started

  • Features and Interface

    Learn the basic features, main interface and functional buttons to make good use of MacClean.

Part 2: System Junk Cleanup

Part 3: Internet Junk Cleanup

Part 4: Malicious Cookies Cleanup

Part 5: Privacy Issue Cleanup

Part 6: Security Issue

Part 7: Cleanup Tools

  • 7.1 Old and Large Files Management

    MacClean helps find out old and large files on your Mac so that you can remove unwanted files easily.

  • 7.2 Duplicates Finder

    MacClean helps show you the identical files and folders so you can delete these duplicates from your Mac.

  • 7.3 Language Files Clean

    MacClean helps list the multilingual files on your apps so that you can remove the useless one conveniently.

  • 7.4 File Eraser

    MacClean provides 3 kinds of file erasure solutions to get sensitive files on your Mac erased securely.

  • 7.5 App Uninstaller

    MacClean helps uninstall your apps as well as the attached files to free up your Mac space.

Part 8: Optimization Tools

  • 8.1 iPhoto Clean

    MacClean helps remove the thumbnail image junks generated when iPhoto auto rotates or revise your photos automatically.

  • 8.2 Binary Junk Remover

    MacClean can shrink the app size by removing the redundant Binary junk to optimize your Mac.

  • 8.3 Extension Manager

    MacClean helps check the extensions, plug-ins and add-ons on you Mac and manage them efficiently.

  • 8.4 Trash Sweeper

    MacClean provides 3 solutions to clean data on your Trash to make sure your data are safely deleted and unrecoverable.

  • 8.5 iOS Backup Cleanup

    MacClean helps locate and clean outdated and useless iOS backup files to free up space for your Mac.

Part 9: Quarantine Function

Part 10: MacClean Update

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