Your security protection just designed for your Mac

With the arising of first Mac ransomware "KeRanger", we all know Mac is never safe from malicious attacks. Apple’s invulnerability to threats was largely due to the lack of interest among hackers to target Mac.

As hackers are starting targeting Macs, MacClean 3 comes to give you full protection against security threats, such as malicious cookies, malware, spyware, worms, scareware, adware – almost all nefarious applications. Not to worry, you will be safe from potential risks with MacClean 3.

Clean up and free up space on your Mac, all at one go

MacClean 3 scans out all safe-to-remove junks generated in your system, such as caches, log files, app leftovers, temp files, development junks, etc. With the intelligent cleanup modules, you can now give your Mac an in-depth and safe junk cleaning in just one click.

Apart from junks, your Mac may also be cluttered up with many unwanted files, like unneeded iTunes backups, old & large files, useless duplicates, unused language files, and other space-hoggers. To reclaim the space taken by these files, MacClean 3 gives a bunch of cleanup utilities and helps you do cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.

Protect all your privacy from prying eyes

Every time you visit a website, Internet browser will store your online data by creating caches, cookies and session files; every time you open an app, document, and file folder, you leave a trace behind. All the files left in your Mac could put your privacy into risks.

You value your privacy and we’re here to secure it. MacClean 3 erases your traces and cleans up cookies, cashes, sessions, history, saved passwords and other website data in your Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Plus, it removes your deleted iMessages and FaceTime history. We ensure your privacy stands safe with you.

Keep your Mac stay at tip-top performance

Putting a set of Mac optimizing & maintenance tools in your palm, MacClean 3 elevates the overall performance of your Mac to a new level and helps you to be more productive.

When you feel your Mac is getting laggy, it’s probably because you’ve got a considerable amount of junks in your system. Gigabytes of unused image copies in Photos, redundant Binary junks, and never-been-used background extensions could all be the causes of a slow Mac. And they will all be removed with MacClean 3 in minutes.

MacClean 3 Media Page

We’re excited to present you the new MacClean 3, that we have released on March 15, 2016. Here you will find a summary of features, the download links, press release, FAQs, and a handful of hi-def theme banners, screenshots & icons. If you need more materials, shoot us an email at pr(at)imobie(dot)com. We’ll be more than happy to send them to you.

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About MacClean 3

Security Issue

Junk Cleanup

Privacy Care

OS X Optimization

What is MacClean 3?

MacClean 3 is far more than just a cleaning utility. Apart from Mac cleaning and OS X optimization features that you are familiar with, the all-new third version now provides privacy care and protection against almost all security threats, aiming to give you the tip-top Mac experience and to keep your Mac away from potential risks, still for FREE.

What’s new in MacClean 3?

With the arising of the first Mac ransomware "KeRanger", we know Mac is far from invulnerable. MacClean 3 comes with four brand-new features to protect your Mac from malicious threats and potential risks:

  • iTunes Backup: Clean unneeded iTunes backups out of your Mac and reclaim gigabytes of more free space.
  • Privacy Issue: Cast solid protection upon all your private and sensitive data, like the usage of App, recently used files, chat histories, etc.
  • Security Issue: Scan out malware, spyware, worms, scareware, adware,
    etc. and protect your Mac from potential risks.
  • Malicious cookie: Remove malicious cookies stored in your browsers
    to prevent privacy leaks and eliminate hidden dangers.

Pricing & Availability

MacClean 3 is completely free of charge. No catch, no hidden costs, no in-app purchases. You can download it directly from:

Download Now Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.11

Materials For You to Better Understand MacClean 3 and to Ease Your Work

Screenshots and Theme Banners

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