Dark Sky App Review in 2020

You might have heard a lot about the Dark Sky app and it is time you read a Dark Sky weather app review to get more information about the app. Here we explain what the app does, why it became popular amongst Android users, and what happened to it in the end.

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If you are new to the app and you are not sure what the Dark Sky app is, let us shed some light on it. Dark Sky is a popular weather app that helps you view real-time and detailed weather information for cities across the world. It did not take too long for the app to become everyone’s favorite weather app, and a huge credit goes to the features of the app for making it possible.

The app was available for both Android and iOS-based devices and you could simply obtain the version for your platform from your phone’s official app store. The app came with many features that made it famous and popular amongst Android users.

Advantages of the Dark Sky Weather App

As said earlier, the app came preloaded with dozens of options to help users get weather information from all around the world. You could see your city’s weather in real-time which was great as it helped you plan your day accordingly. The following were some of the features of the app.

The Dark Sky weather app

The Dark Sky weather app

Detailed Weather Information

The app provided users with live weather information including minute-to-minute forecasts. It helped users know what it is going to be like in the next minute, hour, and day. This was one of the features users liked the most.

Animated Information

Unlike many other apps that display the weather information on a boring and obsolete interface, Dark Sky displayed animations that reflected the weather of your city. You could find out the weather from the animations themselves.

Rain and Other Notifications

One of the features of the app was to send you notifications for various things, such as when it starts raining in your area. This way, even if you do not get the chance to open the app, you can still find out if there is a chance of rain or other things in your region.

What Happened to the App in the Year 2020

Then came the year 2020 which changed the Dark Sky app forever. Apple, the company behind products like iPhone and iPad, decided to buy the app. It acquired the app in the year 2020 and announced that it will soon be shutting down the Android version of the app.

The app that many Android users relied on to get weather information was no longer going to be available. The company even announced that they will be refunding the money to the people who have bought paid items in the app. It basically meant the end of the app for Android users.

The app is still going to be available for iOS users and it will continue to get new updates. However, for Android users, what you have on your phone is the final one and there will be no future updates or anything like that. It is indeed sad news for the loyal fans of the app but there is nothing you can do about it.

3 Best Alternative Weather Apps to Dark Sky for Android

If you are an Android user, you do not need to get disappointed by the news. There are actually multiple great apps in the Play Store to give you weather information. Many of these are great replacements for the Dark Sky app, and we list some of those below for you.

App 1. Today Weather

Today Weather is a really nice app you can download to get weather information on your Android device. It helps you view accurate weather data from more than ten sources. You can search for weather information for just about any city in the world.

Get weather information with Today Weather

Get weather information with Today Weather

One of the great things about the app is its accurate forecasts. You can find out how the weather is going to be like the next day, next week, and so on. It also gives you the rain information so you know if it is going to rain.

Some other features it offers are sunset and sunrise timings, full moon night information, a weather radar, among others. It also sends you a notification when it is going to rain so you can protect yourself from it. It is a free app you can download from the official Play Store on your device.

App 2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather has been serving people with weather information for a long time and it is available as an Android app as well. You can use the app on your phone to find out the weather information for any city without leaving your couch.

Reliable weather app - AccuWeather

Reliable weather app – AccuWeather

It provides you with the weather data that you can rely on as it has been a trusted data provider. It keeps you notified of any severe cold and heat weather data to ensure you are protected from it. You can also dig deeper and find out really detailed weather information for any city you want.

If you change your location, it automatically updates the location in the app so you always have relevant and accurate information available at your hand. You can check the data for the next 15 days using the app. The app costs no money and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

App 3. Carrot Weather

What makes Carrot Weather stand out of the crowd is its beautiful designs. It has got some really nice themed interfaces that make the app attractive and it is a pleasure to use it to get weather information.

Carrot Weather - a beautiful weather app

Carrot Weather – a beautiful weather app

It focuses on providing accurate and detailed information so nothing is missed out. It has a few secret locations as well for which you can find the weather information from within the app. It comes with a customizable widget as well that you can place on any of the home screens on your Android device.

It comes really close to the old Dark Sky app and you are definitely going to like it because of all the features and especially the beautiful interface it offers. The app is available for free with in-app purchases on the official Google Play Store.

The Bottom Line

We hope our Dark Sky review of 2020 helps you find what the app has to offer and what happened to it which made it unavailable for Android users. Also, we have listed out some of the alternative apps you can use in place of Dark Sky on your Android phones.

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