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Snapdragon 855 or Apple A12 chip? Hole punch or notch? Vote for your preferred designs and win a free Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung S10

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Rules In Detail to Win Samsung Galaxy S10

  • 1. This campaign runs from Mar. 8, 2019 to Mar. 31, 2019 PST.
  • 2. We will pick up a winner randomly from all participants who vote and share this campaign via Facebook or Twitter
  • 3. Campaign Prize: Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB with random color x1. For winner from countries other than the United States, France, Germany, Spain and Japan, we will send him/her the equal value cash of the prize via PayPal. Please notice that we won’t pay the transaction fee.
  • 4. The winner will be announced via our official Facebook & Twitter. If we haven't received your response within 3 days, your prize will be cancelled.
  • 5. iMobie reserves the right of final explanation for this campaign.

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4 Steps to Switch to Samsung S10 Smoothly

To ensure you a smooth upgrade from an old phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S10, we prepare you a full guide that covers all you may need when switch to new phone. From how to activate your new Samsung S10 to transfer data to your new device, and to how to do with your old phone, and we also offer you solutions on data transfer issues you may meet.

AnyTrans for Android - Transfer Anything You Like to Your New Samsung S10 in One-click

  • You can fully manage files on your Android phone like photos, music, contacts, messages or any other data.
  • Transfer files between Android phones, and between computer and Android in Wi-Fi or with USB cable.
  • Move important data from iOS to your Android seamlessly, from iPhone, iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • You can download movies, TV shows, and songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other 1000+ sites and save to Android phone directly.

Step 1. Activate New Samsung S10

When you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S10 , the first thing you will need to do is set up your device so it starts providing you all the features it has come packed with. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to set up a Samsung Galaxy S10 as it works on Android and has user-friendly interface to get you going. Please read this guide to learn How to Set up and Activate Your New Samsung S10 >

Step 2. Transfer Data to New Samsung S10

Transfer Data from Android to Samsung S10

If you switch from an old Android phone like LG phone or SONY, now you will need to transfer data from your old Android to your new Samsung S10. Please read this guide to learn how to quickly Transfer Data from Android to Samsung S10 >

Transfer Data from iOS to Samsung S10

You may need to transfer data from an iPhone to your Samsung S10, or from iTunes library, or iCloud backup. Here are some guides help you make an easy transfer from iOS to Samsung S10.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android >
Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung >
Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android >

Transfer Data from Computer to Samsung S10

If you’ve backed up some important files on your PC or Mac, now you may want to transfer them to your Samsung S10, like photos, music, or videos. Here you can refer to this guide to Transfer Data from Computer to Samsung S10 >

Step 3. Samsung S10 Tips & Tricks

Step 4. What to Do with Your Old Smartphone

One of the things most people do with their old phone after get a new Samsung S10 is they sell the phone off. However, there are a number of other things you can do with your old smartphone. Just read this guide to learn 8 Tips to Make Fully Use of Your Old iPhone or Android Phone >

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