How to Access iPhone/iPad Files on PC


How to access iPhone or iPad files on PC? This guide will show you a direct & quick way to access iPhone iPad files on PC.

June 03, 2015


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AnyTrans® for iOS – Directly Access iPhone/iPad Files on PC

AnyTrans® for iOS – iPhone File Manager

AnyTrans for iOS is the best iPhone iPad file manager made to access & manage files on iDevces. Download it to have a try after reading this guide on how to access iPhone/iPad files on PC.

When it comes to accessing iPhone/iPad files on PC, it may not so easy for Apple users. As we all know that Apple doesn’t allow you to easily access the iPhone iPad files from PC like contacts, messages, notes, music, videos etc. To help you access any files on iPhone iPad from PC, we bring you this guide. Here we will talk about how to access iPhone/iPad files on PC easily & quickly.


All we need is an iOS files manager named AnyTrans for iOS, which allows you to access almost any data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod from PC or Mac. With AnyTrans for iOS, you can freely view and even edit the iPhone iPad files on computer, including notes, contacts, messages, calendar, books, photos, videos, music, etc. Better still, it also allows you to access iCloud backup files from PC , and even view & export the backup files to computer like messages, contacts, notes, call history, voice mails, etc. What’s more, AnyTrans for iOS also supports using your iPhone/iPad/iPod as a USB flash drive to store music, videos, photos and text files.

How to Access iPhone iPad Files on PC with AnyTrans for iOS

To begin with, download and install AnyTrans for iOS on your PC, and then follow the steps to view your iPhone or iPad files from PC.

Step 1. Launch AnyTrans for iOS, and connect your iPhone or iPad to PC via a USB cable. AnyTrans for iOS will display your iPhone storage condition and iOS files.

Step 2. Scroll down and you can view all the media & info files on your iPhone or iPad like audio, videos, photos, books, notes, contacts, etc. You can choose the specific file to view on your PC.

Access iPhone iPad Files on PC – Step 2

Access iPhone iPad Files on PC – Step 2

Step 3. You can choose the iPhone data you want to view, tap on Photos, for example. You can view the photos in Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Share, Photo Library, etc. And you can also transfer the photos to computer, to another iPhone iPad, or add photos to your iPhone from PC.

Access iPhone iPad Files on PC – Step 3

Access iPhone iPad Files on PC – Step 3

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The Bottom Line

Accessing iPhone or iPad files on computer is as easy as downloading an app with the iOS files manager AnyTrans for iOS. Why not give it a try now? Any questions on this guide or AnyTrans for iOS will be warmly appreciated. You can leave a comment below or contact us via Email.

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